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📌 Memorial Day: Address by James Garfield (May 30, 1868): "I love to believe that no heroic sacrifice is ever lost; that the characters of men are molded and inspired by what their fathers have done; that treasured up in American souls are all the unconscious influences of the great deeds of the Anglo-Saxon race, from Agincourt to Bunker Hill..."

📌 USS Liberty: Memorial Day 2011: "Remember..." / "Details of the attack were hushed up..." / "The U.S. government has never conducted an investigation..." / American Legion / Dennis Prager: "If America abandons Israel and the Jews, 'that is the end of America as we know it.'"

Deep South SR 🐦

May 30 R to @AJiazhang: meanwhile the only groups even close to replacement are right wing/poor/or religious whites and Hispanics while the middle class goes sterile. All this essentially leads to a Turchin-esque crisis which the elite will either weather or no 8 minutes ago
May 30 You’re not wrong but this does a few things, it immiserates the working class, it throws the new immigrants (Central Americans, as the upper caste Indians and East Asians typically become PMC) into stne status of indentured servitude, it ramps up inter el 8 minutes ago
May 30 R to @AJiazhang: In case y’all were wondering “Manchin” is not a traditional West Virginia name. But the people of West Virginia generally seem to respect Manchin and he looks out for them as best as a 2023 politician can in this stage of decline. 25 minutes ago
May 30 Yes this is certainly not unheard of. Sam Francis saw “white ethnics” as the backbone of middle American radicalism. In many cases Irish, Italians, Poles and now even white Mexicans have become what one might call a middle American radical. 26 minutes ago

The New American

May 30 United Methodist Church to Lose Nearly 100 Louisiana Churches in Fight Over LGBT Doctrine 21 minutes ago
May 30 Liz Cheney Booed During Colorado College Commencement Address 2 hours ago
May 30 Russia says it would NUKE America in a Preemptive Strike 3 hours ago
May 30 Sleepy Chicken — Another Deadly TikTok Trend  4 hours ago

Center for Immigration Studies 👽

May 30 Does the Government Care if Citizens Are Excluded from a Firm’s Hires? 25 minutes ago
May 30 Here’s an Immigration Problem that the UK Has, and the U.S. Does Not: Too Many Dependents of Foreign Students 2 hours ago
May 30 What’s Biden Doing with Migrants at the Ports of Entry? 12 hours ago

Libs of Tik Tok 🌸 🐦

May 30 Oregon school district @4Jschools is holding a “pride fest” for all ages featuring drag performances. Why would a school hold drag shows for young kids? 34 minutes ago

Ed Dowd: "Cause Unknown" 💉🐦

May 30 Prediction: By Q423-Q124 talk of Central Bank Digital Currency and Universal Basic Income will be floated as solutions by “very serious people” to solve the shit storm the economies of the Globe will be dealing with. Deflation is coming hard and fast. 43 minutes ago
May 30 RT by @DowdEdward: Samantha Power, who was instrumental in Obama’s abuse of FISA to spy on political opponents, is now head of Biden’s USAID and road-testing a mass surveillance and spying app so Ukrainians can anonymously report each other to the governm an hour ago
May 30 RT by @DowdEdward: They Censored at the Behest of the White House: More Reporting from Tracy Beanz via @brownstoneinst 2 hours ago
May 30 RT by @DowdEdward: The United States is supposed to be a champion of freedom in the world. My administration will restore that role. We will end the censorship-industrial complex. 6 hours ago

National File

May 30 Working Class Failure: Ron DeSantis Polls at 9% in WV an hour ago
May 30 Another One Bites The Dust: Chick-Fil-A Goes Woke 4 hours ago
May 30 Virginia: GOP Attorney General Jason Miyares Backs DC Gun Control 5 hours ago
May 30 Montana Becomes First State to Ban Drag Queen Story Hour Grooming Sessions 7 hours ago

Practical Eschatology 🤔

May 30 New Defensive Pistolcraft Post an hour ago
May 30 A Glance At The Culture: The Little Mermaid Remake 3 hours ago

Morgoth's Review

May 30 Baudrillard's Kipper and the Great Reset an hour ago

Gun Owners of America 💥

May 30 The No Compromise Alliance Urges House Leadership to Take Action on Pistol Brace Ban 2 hours ago

Moonbattery ➡️

May 30 New York Bestows Oppression Privilege Upon the Obese 2 hours ago
May 30 Who to Round Up First, White Men or White Women? 4 hours ago
May 30 State Farm Gives Up on California 5 hours ago
May 30 Somali Culture Night Mayhem 6 hours ago

Ann Barnhardt ✝️

May 30 Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth… 2 hours ago
May 30 Consign the Stars and Stripes to history so that honored dead be not associated with the Washington DC sodogarch conquerors. 10 hours ago

Mobius Wolf: The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Homestead

May 30 Those exuberant teens. 2 hours ago
May 30 Hunter won’t kill himself… 3 hours ago

Vlad Tepes

May 30 Alberta voters has given us a small ray of hope, Ukraine launches hobby drones against Russian apartments? Links 1 for May 30, 2023 3 hours ago
May 30 Reader’s Links for May 30th, 2023 16 hours ago
May 29 Two items: Reiner Fuellmich and MP Andrew Bridgen, and what the hell is going on with NATO and Kosovo? 21 hours ago

Fr. Kevin Cusick, LCDR (Ret.) ✝️

May 30 25,000 at Chartres Pilgrimage Mass: Bishop Walks With Catholics 6 hours ago

Information Liberation

May 30 3 Marines Attacked by Mob of 'Teens' Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend in San Clemente 3 hours ago
May 30 State Dept Won't Say If They're Negotiating With Ukraine to Get U.S. Citizen Jailed For Speech Released 5 hours ago

Non Veni Pacem: The Splendor of Truth ✝️

May 30 FDA Says “Misinformation Can Spread 6x Faster Than Facts” 4 hours ago

Casey Whalen: North Idaho Exposed 🗻

May 30 The Golden Letter: Marxist Conglomerate Exposed 4 hours ago

The Pipeline

May 30 Allons Enfants, et Prendre le Train 4 hours ago

Eugyppius 💉

May 30 On Wokeness, Its Nature, and Its Prospects 4 hours ago

Council for the National Interest

May 30 Joe Biden Launches His War on Antisemitism 5 hours ago

Matt Taibbi 🖊 ️

May 30 A Brief Note on Writing 5 hours ago
May 29 Another Brick in The Absurdity Wall 22 hours ago

Bayou Renaissance Man 🐊

May 30 Low-cost, low-tech gun "safes" ... aren't 6 hours ago
May 30 Rights? Yeah, right! 11 hours ago

Wintery Knight ✝️

May 30 New study: left-wing extremism linked to psychopathy and narcissism 6 hours ago

Summit News

May 30 He Didn’t See This Coming 6 hours ago

Middle of the Right

May 30 On the “Budget Deal”: 7 hours ago
May 30 $10 billion 8 hours ago

Joe Huffman: View from North Central Idaho 🗻

May 30 A Simple Dichotomy 7 hours ago

Climate Depot ❄️

May 30 Definitive 36 Page Report: ‘150 Ways the Biden Admin & Democrats Have Made it Harder for U.S. to Produce Oil & Gas’ 7 hours ago

My Daily Kona

May 30 "How the FBI and DOJ Undermined Themselves" 7 hours ago

Niccolo Soldo: Fisted by Foucalt ➡️

May 30 On US Hegemony, the Quest for a New Economic Order, and Colour Revolution Tech 8 hours ago

Anthony Esolen: Word & Song ✝️ 🎵

May 30 Now the Laborer's Task is O'er 8 hours ago

Andy Ngo 🐦

May 30 The former head of China's CDC says the possibility Covid came from a laboratory should not be ruled out. Prof. Gao is a world-leading virologist. Prior discussions over the hypothesis were deemed disinfo by China, liberal groups, Big Tech & governments. 8 hours ago
May 30 RT by @MrAndyNgo: This will be unsurprising to those who follow my reporting on #Antifa, #Trantifa, #BLM, SJWs, but a new peer reviewed study published in Current Psychology found that leftist extremism is a predictor of violent, psychopathic tendencies a 9 hours ago
May 30 Controversy has erupted over @Disneyland’s use of a drag queen at a princess dress boutique at its California theme park. 12 hours ago

Liberty's Torch

May 30 Memorial Day 2023 9 hours ago

Mundabor ✝️

May 30 Degeneracy And Decline 9 hours ago

Padraig Martin 🎣 🐸

May 30 Interesting article: Furries are FumingOne of the many benefits of the myriad of laws passed in Florida is that they often exploit the paranoias of th... 9 hours ago

Courageous Discourse: Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., MPH 💉

May 30 Four Pillars of Pandemic Response 10 hours ago

The Forty-Five

May 30 Hammerfall 2.0: Not With A Bang But A Whimper 11 hours ago

Federal Observer: Time is Running Out ✂️

May 30 Dickens: Amerikanós Apokalypsis (The American Apocalypse) 12 hours ago
May 30 What Goes On Today In Public Schools Is Not Stupidity – It Was Planned That Way By The Messiahs Of “Education” 12 hours ago

Just the News

May 30 Moscow attacked by drones, Russian officials say 13 hours ago
May 30 Christie allies form super PAC ahead of likely 2024 campaign: report 13 hours ago
May 30 Texas Senate gives members until late August to begin impeachment trial for Attorney General Paxton 13 hours ago
May 30 Senate GOP targets China in bill requiring app stores to show country of origin 13 hours ago

Armed American News 💥

May 30 Product Review: Shadow Equipment’s Multicam Arid chest rig 14 hours ago

James Hill, M.D. 💉💰

May 30 Dr. Robert Malone again steers you away from key aspects of Covid operation: researchers 15 hours ago

May 30 Homeschooling Is Key To Preserving Liberty 16 hours ago
May 30 Some Facts For Consideration 16 hours ago
May 30 Confronting the Cowardice of the Far Right on Race 16 hours ago
May 30 How To Cancel Woke U 16 hours ago

Zelman Partisans 💥

May 30 Memorial Day thoughts 2023 16 hours ago

Straight Line Logic

May 30 Mind Control 16 hours ago
May 30 Once a Sheep, Always a Sheep 16 hours ago
May 30 Another Brick in The Absurdity Wall, by Matt Taibbi 17 hours ago
May 30 Most Important Medical History Lesson We Must Never Forget, by Dr. Joseph Mercola 17 hours ago

Captains Journal 💥

May 30 The Founders Were Well Aware Of Continuing Advances In Arms Technology 17 hours ago
May 29 How We Stopped Mass-Murderers Time After Time 20 hours ago
May 29 Eyes Wide Open: Using Situational Awareness to Avoid Trouble 21 hours ago

VDare 👽

May 30 Tim Scott Worst Possible Pick For GOP/GAP In 2024. That’s Why Donors Like Him 18 hours ago
May 29 Listen To Peter Brimelow Talk To James Edwards About NYAG Letitia James's Attack On 22 hours ago
May 29 Two White Women Fired From Their LuluLemon Job Because They Called Police On Black Robbers 22 hours ago

Felix Rex: Black Pigeon Speaks 📺

May 30 Humans Were Engineered 20 hours ago

Wilson Combat 📺 💥

May 29 Massad Ayoob's Tips for Older Shooters - Bifocals 21 hours ago

Didactic Mind

May 29 Monday morning memorialising 21 hours ago

Xenophilic: The Return

May 29 Back for a visit with my old friend. And my daughters! 22 hours ago
May 29 A tale of two sisters... 22 hours ago

Ramzpaul 🕊️ 🐦

May 30 Diversity tax. 20 minutes ago
May 30 RT by @ramzpaul: There is no legitimate, non-woke reason for any company to have a "DEI" department or program. The mere existence of any DEI materials means that individuals will be rewarded or penalized on the basis of race, gender, or sexuality. It's 2 hours ago
May 30 RT by @ramzpaul: They tried to cancel Tucker Carlson when he talked about this. 5 hours ago
May 30 RT by @ramzpaul: 5 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊️ ➡️ 🐦

May 30 What's great about this is that it calls the bluff of those "freedom caucus" types. McCarthy is finking on his promises he gave to get the job. The so-called freedom caucus will make some angry speeches, but in the end roll over like good boys, very good 23 minutes ago
May 30 This would be unnecessary if had free association and could stop playing make believe about certain topics. 28 minutes ago
May 30 Vietnam is not sending us their best. 2 hours ago
May 30 Shapiro is first and foremost a Zionist. There is some overlap with the neocons and he will instinctively defend them, but he is primarily a Zionist. He is the hobbit version of Yoram Hazony. 2 hours ago

Jesse Kelly 🐦

May 30 Democrats take over the House and promptly impeach Trump. Twice. Republicans take the House and explain to you why they have choice but to work with Democrats. Same as it ever was. Only one side wins because only one side wants to. 27 minutes ago
May 30 RT by @JesseKellyDC: The Anti-Communist Manifesto by @JesseKellyDC is a practical guide for everyone in America who recognizes the biggest threat facing the United States: The Communist. Order Now: 30 minutes ago
May 30 RT by @JesseKellyDC: Durham found that Comey's FBI "failed to uphold...strict fidelity to the law." Wray's FBI then called Comey's lawlessness just some "missteps." Wrong. It was a coup d'état. The FBI cannot be reformed. It has become a political weap an hour ago
May 30 I have no idea how to use anathema. I don’t even know what it means. I always thought it was two words until I saw it in print. That said, I’m totally gonna use it on the air tonight. Not even gonna look it up. Just gonna toss it out there. an hour ago

David Kobler: SouthernPrepper1 📺

May 30 May 30th...News you need to know....Crime is out of control...Protect yourself. an hour ago

Auron Macintyre 🐦

May 30 Starting now! an hour ago
May 30 The media have been calling conservatives the "American Taliban" since the Obama era Every right wing movement like the Tea Party or MAGA that escapes mainstream Con Inc containment has gotten this treatment The left have been laying the narrative groun an hour ago
May 30 They called a man a man 2 hours ago
May 30 I'll be explaining why the NYT lamented the lack of kink in a children's movie at 3pm eastern 2 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future 🇷🇺

May 30 PR, Again. an hour ago

Patriactionary: Old Strong Religion ✝️ 🇨🇦

May 30 Heroic Christian MLB players an hour ago
May 30 One wonders, indeed… an hour ago
May 30 Moar, pleez! 2 hours ago
May 30 Excuses, excuses… 4 hours ago

Dr. Bruce Charlton: Charlton's Notions ✝️

May 30 An archaeological artifact an hour ago
May 30 Boycotts of specific 'woke' products and services - are they economically effective, moral, realistic, coherent? 13 hours ago

Conservative Treehouse 🌳

May 30 Porkulous – Ernst Rides with Ron 2 hours ago
May 30 Sea Island 3 hours ago
May 30 May 30th – 2023 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 861 15 hours ago
May 30 Tuesday May 30th – Open Thread 15 hours ago


May 30 Drone Attack On Moscow Prompts Evacuations 2 hours ago
May 30 Sorry Our Demographic Karma Ran Over Your Economic Dogma 7 hours ago
May 29 11yo Boy Calls 911 for Help Protecting His Mom, Cops Show Up and Put a Bullet in His Chest 21 hours ago

Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute

May 30 They Censored at the Behest of the White House: More Reporting from Tracy Beanz 2 hours ago
May 30 Why Are Hospitals Still Using Remdesivir? 5 hours ago
May 30 A Cheat Sheet for Legislators Regarding the WHO and Health Emergencies 7 hours ago

Jack Cameron 🕊️ 🇦🇺 🐦

May 30 R to @Texan_Jack: For those interested, this references where I had my DNA comparison done with her son, Tutankhamen: My result showed that I was a closer match than severa 3 hours ago
May 30 R to @Texan_Jack: @TateTheTalisman I would very much appreciate your feedback on this. 3 hours ago
May 30 R to @Texan_Jack: I have to go to sleep so I'll leave you to it - I just ask that before you comment you read the WHOLE article so you know what my argument consists of. 3 hours ago
May 30 Reparations I've already made clear that I think a cash payment reparation for Black Americans would be a mistake for three reasons: Morally - they weren't victims, we weren't perpetrators and... Socially - the stats are clear; lottery winners of all 4 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊 ️ 🐸

May 30 3 hours ago
May 30 Today I introduce the term "Fed Plenty" in discussing the growing complexity of the American economic model. 7 hours ago
May 29 Yeah, the little lunatic was mad at something. 20 hours ago
May 29 At the feet of the Lord, this man is having a good laugh at this. 20 hours ago

Mark Bisone: The Cat Was Never Found

May 30 The Screwtape Stratagem 3 hours ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

May 30 This, 100 times, this 4 hours ago
May 30 Economic Warfare 8 hours ago
May 30 You Aren’t Alone 10 hours ago
May 30 Ad Hominems 10 hours ago

Dyspepsia Generation

May 30 In a first, scientists use AI to create brand new enzymes 4 hours ago
May 30 Antisocial Media 4 hours ago
May 30 The Future of Fed Plenty 6 hours ago
May 30 Thought for the Day 7 hours ago

American Partisan 🇺🇸

May 30 Gear Chat – LBE & Chest Rigs 4 hours ago
May 30 What Does Erdogan’s Reelection Mean For The New Cold War? 4 hours ago
May 30 Dozens of NATO peacekeepers injured during clashes in northern Kosovo 4 hours ago
May 30 Shortened 30m Dipole 4 hours ago

Vox Day: Vox Popoli 😈

May 30 Don’t Talk to Clown World 4 hours ago
May 30 Never Talk to the Media 8 hours ago
May 29 Monday Arktoons 21 hours ago

E. Michael Jones: Culture Wars ✝️ 🐸

May 30 Scorcese continues his efforts to rationalize the sins of his youth. 4 hours ago

Ius & Iustitium ✝️

May 30 Prince, Pop Art, and the Purpose of Copyright 5 hours ago

Shane Schaetzel: Complete Christianity ✝️ 🐸

May 30 CHOOSE Christian people. What shall it be? Is June for the ♥️ Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ? Or 🏳️‍🌈 Woke-Pride? 5 hours ago
May 30 Untitled 5 hours ago
May 30 Ukraine has hit civilian targets in Moscow. Zelensky will tell the world he’s not responsible, but everyone knows he is. Besides, it’s ridiculous to... 5 hours ago
May 30 Catholics, return to confession. Yes, it is Biblical. Yes, it is necessary... 16 hours ago

Ben Bergquam: Frontline America 🛂

May 30 SURPRISE! “This is the Story of Sabotage”, Lake Responds To Explosive Viral Video Crushing Election Officials 6 hours ago

Stonetoss 🙂

May 30 Fandumb 6 hours ago

mRNA architect: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

May 30 Are Independent Nation-States Obsolete? 6 hours ago

Severian's Founding Questions: Lighting Up the Endarkenment ➡️ 🏺

May 30 What is Leftism? (and what to call it?) 7 hours ago

Massad Ayoob


N.S. Lyons: The Upheaval

May 30 Subscriber Commentary & Review Thread (#15) 7 hours ago

Michael Smith: Unlicensed Punditry

May 30 Pax Americana 7 hours ago

American Greatness

May 30 DHS Warns of ‘Heightened Threat’ of Attacks on Churches and Cops Ahead of 2024 Election 8 hours ago
May 30 Target’s Marketing VP also Works for Organization Pushing Transgender Agenda in Schools 8 hours ago
May 30 Dodgers to Host ‘Christian Faith and Family Day’ Amid Drag Queen Backlash 8 hours ago
May 30 Morning Greatness: McCarthy Rallies Support for Unpopular Debt Deal 10 hours ago

El Gato Malo: Bad Cattitude 💉😼

May 30 covid was not dangerous to the young and healthy until "something happened" 8 hours ago

The Wanderer Press ✝️

May 30 Minnesota Legislature Repeals . . . Protection For Born-Alive Infants, Support For Pregnant Women 8 hours ago
May 30 Stumbling Toward Heaven?… Will Biden Repent Of His Evils Before A Serious Fall Could Harm Him? 8 hours ago
May 30 A Beacon Of Light . . . Your Light Must Shine Before Others 8 hours ago

William Briggs ♾

May 30 On Ford Restoring & Saving AM Radio 9 hours ago

Jim of Jim's Blog 👑 🐸

May 30 Everything is being attrited in this war, and west seems to be losing the war of attrition. Some things, such as artillery shells, the west is right o... 9 hours ago

Lee Williams: The Gun Writer 💥

May 30 Product Review: Shadow Equipment’s Multicam Arid chest rig 10 hours ago

Crisis Magazine ✝️

May 30 The Challenge of Charity 11 hours ago
May 30 Honoring the Lord’s Day 11 hours ago

Kaisar: The Hidden Dominion ➡️

May 30 Worse Than Weimar 11 hours ago

Dr. Vernon Coleman 💉 🇬🇧

May 30 Passing Observations 169 11 hours ago
May 30 Vernon Coleman Challenges Entire BBC Verify Team 11 hours ago

Bionic Mosquito 🦟

May 30 He Gets Us 13 hours ago

Monkey Werx US ✈️ ️ 📺

May 29 SITREP 5.29.23 - LIVE - Weather Warfare? 20 hours ago

American Thinker

May 30 The Decline and Fall of the American Empire 15 hours ago
May 30 The Consequences of American Meritocracy in the Rearview 15 hours ago
May 30 'It’s all about the money' -- The Dysfunctional Biden Family Legacy 15 hours ago
May 30 Medicare-for-All: Resurrection of a Terrible Idea 15 hours ago

Steve Sailer 🕊️ 🐦

May 30 RT by @Steve_Sailer: 16 hours ago
May 30 White people tend to only think about white people. For example, @BruceBartlett is right about white Republican voters being increasingly less educated than white Democrat voters, but then he ignores the Democrats' increasingly pandered-to black bloc with 19 hours ago
May 29 RT by @Steve_Sailer: It would be interesting to see a study following up blacks who win these kind of absurdly large payouts from dimwitted juries in discrimination lawsuits. Are they as likely to be broke ten years later as lottery winners? - @Steve_Sail 23 hours ago

May 30 Joe Biden Launches His War on Antisemitism, by Philip Giraldi 16 hours ago
May 30 NATO Troops Waging War Against Kosovo Serbs, by Andrew Anglin 16 hours ago
May 30 Holy 'Woke-Ism' and Unholy Conservatism, and the Ethno-Elite-Revolution of Jewish Takeover as the Biggest Story of 21st Century, by Jung-Freud 16 hours ago

Gates of Vienna 🏰 👽

May 30 Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/29/2023 16 hours ago
May 30 When Rape is a Group Activity 18 hours ago
May 29 Rumor Control Central 20 hours ago

Mars Christianissimus ✝️ 🐸

May 30 @RobertKayland 17 hours ago
May 30 @RobertKayland 20 hours ago
May 29 Iudex iuste ultionis (Just and Avenging Judge) 21 hours ago
May 29 And yet (mainly elite) whites created the America plantation for themselves. Or will you not admit that the Rockefeller Institute implemented populati... 21 hours ago

Larry Johnson: A Son of the New American Revolution

May 30 Ukraine’s Promised Offensive Ain’t D-Day 17 hours ago

The Most Important News

May 30 11 Signs That Global Conflict Could Soon Spiral Completely Out Of Control 18 hours ago
May 29 The Suffering Is Off The Charts 20 hours ago

The Price of Liberty

May 30 Cashless society – a question answered 20 hours ago

Irish Savant 🇮🇪

May 29 When YT’s gone 21 hours ago

NRA in Danger 💥

May 29 A Good Question 22 hours ago

Henry Schumacher: Doctor Samizdat 🩺 💉

May 29 A Crucible of Madness 23 hours ago

Matt Bracken 🇺🇸 🐦

May 30 Statistics Canada reports 27% jump in excess deaths in citizens under 44 in 2022 Experts are warning that increased deaths are not unique to Canada but a worldwide phenomenon. 6 hours ago
May 30 RT by @Matt_Bracken48: It can be done, and it must be done 6 hours ago
May 30 Bud Light truckers QUITTING as customers call them "gay beer salesmen" 7 hours ago
May 30 RT by @Matt_Bracken48: 7 hours ago

War on Guns 💥

May 30 Global Majority Rules 21 minutes ago
May 30 Mystery to Me 30 minutes ago
May 30 Busted are the Peacekeepers 37 minutes ago
May 30 My Kind of Razzmatazz an hour ago

Personal Defense World 💥

May 30 Mission94 Firearms Education Center to Open in Early 2024 23 minutes ago
May 30 Store More with the Grey Man Tactical Safe Door Organizer 4 hours ago
May 30 Safe & Secure: 25 Fortified Firearm Storage Options 7 hours ago

Todd Bensman 🛂 🐦

May 30 Bidenguv admitting illegal aliens right into the American heartland under the “really really tough” new post-42 plan that was supposed to “subject” all illegal border crossers to expedited removal. But “subjecting” is not actual “expedited removing” as we 33 minutes ago
May 30 Bidenguv admitting illegal aliens right into the American heartland under the “really really tough” new post-42 plan that was supposed to “subject” all illegal border crossers to expedited removal. But “subjecting” is not actual “expedited removing” as we an hour ago
May 30… 2 hours ago
May 30 RT by @BensmanTodd: “Immigrants calculate travel decisions based on the experiences of immigrants who recently crossed, were admitted, and sent back selfies of themselves inside America.” - @BensmanTodd 7 hours ago

Max Denken: Camp of the Sane 🔚 🐸

May 30 The real reason to remember the fall of Constantinople is that it ultimately fell because some party on the inside opened one of the main gates to the... 36 minutes ago
May 30 Please add another corporate behemoth to your never-buy list: 3 hours ago
May 30 The zombie caste thinks this is really good, wonderful news. They seem to be intent on poking the bear for as long as it takes for him to lose his pat... 4 hours ago
May 30 Untitled 16 hours ago

Chris Bray: Tell Me How This Ends

May 30 Go to America an hour ago

Victor Davis Hanson

May 30 VDH UltraOssified Americana. Part Two an hour ago
May 30 The Resistance: Anything Is Possible 7 hours ago

Big Serge ☦️ 🇷🇺 🐦

May 30 Pretty wild for Putin to casually mention that they targeted the Ukrainian military intelligence directorate. Hearts are hardening. an hour ago
May 30 RT by @witte_sergei: I’m 100% sure this is the Drone that is seen in the Video which is Clear Evidence that this Attack was carried out by the Ukrainian Military. 13 hours ago
May 30 R to @witte_sergei: Perhaps Putin will perform a human sacrifice to Huītzilōpōchtli from atop the Lenin Mausoleum? 18 hours ago
May 30 This is Aztec erasure. 18 hours ago

Central Europe: Visegrád Group 🐦 🇨🇿🇭🇺🇵🇱

May 30 BREAKING: Italy announces that it is preparing another military aid package for Ukraine. 🇮🇹🇺🇦 an hour ago
May 30 Biden has stated that the question of whether the US will send ATACMS to Ukraine “is still in play.” It sounds more promising than it has in the past months. Via @Gerashchenko_en 5 hours ago
May 30 R to @visegrad24: This article explains why Pushkin is viewed as a symbol of Russian imperialism (3/3) 6 hours ago
May 30 R to @visegrad24: This is how the statue looked like before being dismantled. (2/3) 6 hours ago

New Discourses

May 30 Woke: A Culture War Against Europe | James Lindsay at the European Parliament 2 hours ago

The Burning Platform

May 30 Humans On The Moon By 2030 3 hours ago
May 30 Believing Impossible Things 4 hours ago
May 30 On Memorial Day, America Honors Fallen Soldier AOC For Her Service On January 6th 4 hours ago

Michael Yon 🇺🇸 🐸

May 30 Expect in the future ships — ships — coming to US ports filled with aliens. Landing with thousands per load. Both coasts. Maybe even injected straig... 2 hours ago
May 30 Faces of War @Matt_Bracken 3 hours ago
May 30 MY interview on the Rachal Maldonado Podcast. 17 hours ago
May 30 Read the full thread, then swell the ground! #SupportSoloman #NoRecall 17 hours ago

War on the Rocks 🪨

May 30 Ukraine’s Offensive and its Meaning for the War 3 hours ago
May 30 China and the Alliance Allergy of Rising Powers 12 hours ago

According to Hoyt

May 30 Stock Up Now for Galt Month By Overgrown Hobbit 3 hours ago

Arthur Sido: Dissident Thoughts ➡️️

May 30 Return Of The Kang! 3 hours ago

C. Bradley Thompson: The Redneck Intellectual

May 30 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (No. 57) 4 hours ago

Malone Institute: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

May 30 Poultry Tales 4 hours ago

Laughing Wolf 🐺

May 30 Memorial Day 4 hours ago

Scott Greer: Highly Respected

May 30 Highly Respected Ep. 174: The First AI Presidential Candidate 4 hours ago

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

May 30 ESG Anti-Human Scam: "Force Behaviors" 5 hours ago

Moon of Alabama 🌙

May 30 Drones Strikes In Moscow - Missile Strikes In Ukraine 5 hours ago

Dystopian Survival 🌾

May 30 Some Thoughts on a Bug-Out Vehicle 18 hours ago

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans ️🥒

May 30 Saving Sawyer 6 hours ago

Matt Bracken 🇺🇸 🐸

May 30 Statistics Canada reports 27% jump in excess deaths in citizens under 44 in 2022Experts are warning that increased deaths are not unique to Canada but... 6 hours ago
May 30 Bud Light truckers QUITTING as customers call them "gay beer salesmen" 7 hours ago
May 30 The [Woke} American Library Association thinks this is a bad thing.I love it. 7 hours ago
May 30 Untitled 7 hours ago

North Carolina Renegade

May 30 Philadelphia Crime Wave Of Burglary, Larceny And Auto Theft Spills Into Nearby Suburbs 6 hours ago
May 30 Imagine That 6 hours ago
May 30 Do They Really Think We Are This Stupid? 6 hours ago
May 30 The Demons Are Out In The Open! Evil Is Winning! 7 hours ago

A.H. Trimble ☀️ 🌾

May 30 TIP: Canned powdered milk gone bad… 7 hours ago

American Handgunner 💥

May 30 Hunting With Sixguns 7 hours ago
May 30 10 Most-Purchased Guns By Women 7 hours ago
May 30 Taurus G3 9mm 8 hours ago
May 30 Light Loads for .45 Autos 8 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊️ ➡️

May 30 The Future Of Fed Plenty 7 hours ago

WRSA: Western Rifle Shooters Association 🤡

May 30 Tuesday Edition 7 hours ago
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May 29 The only way to win is to ORGANIZE. The GOP is the organized portion of the right wing. Trump proved that the GOP can easily be taken over. It is the only possible vehicle for right wing politics at scale. Saying "screw the R party" is tantamount to sayin 21 hours ago
May 29 Memorial Day grew out of the reconciliation after the Civil War. You'd think it would be harder for that generation of North & South to reconcile than today's generation, but you'd be wrong. "The North got what it wanted - the Union was maintained and sl 21 hours ago

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