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Patriactionary: Old Strong Religion ✝️ 🇨🇦

Jun 22 Regimebros 29 minutes ago
Jun 21 Every regimevangelical is a con, full stop 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Oh 15 hours ago
Jun 21 BigPharma’s best minds are working on developing it right now 15 hours ago

InRangeTV 📺 💥

Jun 21 M855A1 vs AR500 Armor 11 hours ago

Simplicius76's Battle Room 🪖

Jun 22 Ruling Class Finally Awakens to the Reality of America's Decline 3 hours ago

Ann Barnhardt: Memes ✝️ 🤦

Jun 22 Barnhardt Meme Barrage, 22 June ARSH 2024 3 hours ago
Jun 21 Barnhardt Meme Barrage, 21 June ARSH 2024 23 hours ago

Conservative Treehouse 🌳

Jun 22 June 22nd – 2024 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 2151 3 hours ago
Jun 22 Saturday June 22nd – Open Thread 3 hours ago
Jun 21 Deep State Pushing Trump VP Choices as Secret Service Ramps Up Security Detail 10 hours ago
Jun 21 Biden Intelligence Community Working Group Identifies Trump Supporters as Most Likely Domestic Terrorists 12 hours ago

Jun 22 Great Books You Need To Read 4 hours ago
Jun 22 The Ukrainian Border War Folly 4 hours ago
Jun 22 What Price Charity? 4 hours ago
Jun 22 Russia’s Putin ‘Probing’ NATO Suck-Ups and Sissies 4 hours ago

ColdFury 🧊

Jun 22 On Bailing and Bailing Out 4 hours ago
Jun 21 Memezapoppin’! 12 hours ago

Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.) 🪖🎖️️ ️🇺🇸 🐦

Jun 22 We must once again achieve energy independence. We must harness America's vast energy resources, including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables. Energy independence will reduce our reliance on foreign powers, lower energy costs, and create high-pay 5 hours ago
Jun 22 RT by @DougAMacgregor: BREAKING REPORT: ⚠️ Alex Rosen does it again, leader of LGBTQ Democrats of Maryland busted attempting to meet up with a 14-year-old boy.. 5 hours ago
Jun 22 RT by @DougAMacgregor: BREAKING REPORT: ⚠️ DISMISSAL IMMINENT in special counsel Jack Smith's classified docs case against former President Trump. DEVELOPING.. 5 hours ago
Jun 22 RT by @DougAMacgregor: BREAKING REPORT: Rumors now emerging that Joe Biden WILL BE REPLACED before the DEM National convention? Who will it be? 6 hours ago

SovietMen: The People's Blog

Jun 22 Word from the Dark Side – She Cries Your Name, schoolmasters’ shame, IDF intel claim and the snake vs lizard evolutionary game 5 hours ago

Prepper Website 🌾

Jun 22 Preparing Children for Emergencies in Small Spaces: Family-Friendly Tips and Activities 6 hours ago
Jun 22 22 Mostly Forgotten Pioneer Skills You Need to Learn Before the Apocalypse Hits 6 hours ago
Jun 22 Don’t Get Hooked! 26 Essential Tips to Safeguard Yourself from Phishing Scams 6 hours ago
Jun 22 Aeroponics vs Hydroponics vs Aquaponics: Soilless Farming 6 hours ago

Off Grid Ham 📻

Jun 22 Lithium Batteries: Where We Came From, Where We’re Going. 6 hours ago

Lawrence Person: BattleSwarm

Jun 22 LinkSwarm for June 21, 2024 7 hours ago

Contemplations on the Tree of Woe

Jun 21 A Digression into Aesthetics 8 hours ago

Judicial Watch ⚖

Jun 21 FOIA Under Attack by Biden DOJ! 8 hours ago
Jun 21 Judicial Watch Sues for ATF Records on Arkansas Raid that Led to Shooting Death of Clinton National Airport Official 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Judicial Watch Asks Federal Court to Order Release of the Audio of President Biden’s Interview with Special Counsel Hur 15 hours ago

Charles Haywood: The Worthy House 🏠 🐦

Jun 21 RT by @TheWorthyHouse: Footage from the Haywood home 8 hours ago
Jun 21 So far have tried Zyn once. Too early to tell real results. Took 3mg. No problems; no nausea, hiccups, etc., so no obvious drawbacks yet. I did have the usual not-entirely-pleasant feeling for those unused to nicotine (which I'm familiar with from lon 16 hours ago

The New American

Jun 21 Red Flag Laws in SC? Guns Taken in SWAT Raid, Unconvicted 9 hours ago
Jun 21 Supreme Court Upholds Firearm Restrictions for Domestic Violence Perpetrators 9 hours ago
Jun 21 Microaggressions: Will Oregon Revoke Doctors’ Licenses for Telling Non-whites to Lose Weight? 9 hours ago
Jun 21 State Dept. Official Confirms Goal of Biden “Migrant” Invasion: Demographic Replacement 10 hours ago

Malcolm Pollack

Jun 21 Whither Hence? 9 hours ago

The David Knight Show 🐴 🎧

Jun 21 Musk Pushes Neuralink to Replace Phones Yet Pulls Back from Hackable Electronic Voting 9 hours ago
Jun 21 The "Ministry of Changing Men's Behavior" 10 hours ago
Jun 21 Supreme Court OKs Highway Robbery, Taxes on Money NOT Received 11 hours ago
Jun 21 INTERVIEW After the Nuclear Blast: A Survivor's Guide 12 hours ago

Creative Destruction Media

Jun 21 Bernegger Accuses Biden Of Criminally Laundering Money Into His Own Campaign By "Smurfing" 10 hours ago
Jun 21 PART 5: Fulton County, GA GOP Again Delays Disclosure Of 'Trust Audit' Results, Till After Republican National Convention 10 hours ago
Jun 21 SCOTUS Upholds Law That Bars Anyone Under Domestic-Violence Restraining Orders From Possessing Guns 14 hours ago
Jun 21 President Trump Validates Year-Long Georgia Record Reporting On 'Smurf' Political Money Laundering 14 hours ago

Liberty's Torch

Jun 21 Surviving the Heat Wave and Other Disasters 10 hours ago
Jun 21 Putting my money where my mouth is 15 hours ago
Jun 21 Even Conservatives Move Goalposts 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Visualizing The Issue 21 hours ago

Brian Almon's Gem State: Idaho 🗻

Jun 21 2024 Idaho GOP Resolutions 11 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future 🇷🇺

Jun 21 SitRep... 11 hours ago
Jun 21 The State Of The Affairs... 12 hours ago
Jun 21 Nima and Me... 14 hours ago

Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute

Jun 21 The NIAID is a Repeat Offender 11 hours ago
Jun 21 BBC Climate Disinformation Reporter Attacks Kenyan Farmer 20 hours ago

John Waters Unchained

Jun 21 Diary of a Dissenter: The Week From My Window 12 hours ago

Rudy Havenstein 📉

Jun 21 Real Estate Rambling - Spaces With Melody Wright 12 hours ago

National Conservative

Jun 21 Italy gets its first “Korean Comfort Woman” statue 12 hours ago

Bayou Renaissance Man 🐊

Jun 21 Comment of the day 13 hours ago

Tim Gamble 🌾

Jun 21 Index To The "Resisting The Elites" Series 13 hours ago

Aaron Kheriaty, M.D.: Calif. vax dissenter 💉

Jun 21 AI on Murthy v. Missouri 13 hours ago

The Kobeissi Letter 💸 📉 🐦

Jun 21 US technology funds saw a $9 billion inflow last week, the largest weekly inflow ever recorded. The previous record was posted in Q1 2023 and amounted to ~$8.5 billion. According to Bank of American, Long Magnificent 7 has been the most crowded trade fo 14 hours ago
Jun 21 BREAKING: Bloomberg’s US economic surprise index has plummeted to its lowest level since March 2019. The economic surprise index measures economic data coming in above or below consensus estimates. The index dropped below -40, as most of this year's dat 17 hours ago
Jun 21 This is truly incredible: Nvidia, $NVDA, is now larger than the entire French and UK stock markets. The company’s market cap has skyrocketed by over $2 trillion year-to-date with the stock up 174% in 2024. 5 years ago, Nvidia wasn't even one of the 20 18 hours ago

Vincent James: The Red Elephants ➡️

Jun 21 Leaked Document Shows Israel Knew About the Attack Way Before it Happened 14 hours ago


Jun 21 Putin Warns That Russia Could Arm North Korea 14 hours ago
Jun 21 Escalating Red Sea Attacks Drive Up Vessel Insurance Costs 19 hours ago
Jun 21 The Stage Is Being Set For The Biggest War In Human History 19 hours ago

American Reformer ✝️

Jun 21 Rise of the Dutch Republics 14 hours ago
Jun 21 Female Deacons in the PCA 17 hours ago


Jun 21 CDK Service Hacked. Car Dealers & Parts Shut Down 15 hours ago

Seymour Hersh 🖊 ️


Vox Day: Vox Popoli 😈

Jun 21 Expect Surprises 16 hours ago
Jun 21 Mad, Bad, and Dead 20 hours ago

Breach Bang Clear 💥

Jun 21 Faxon Firearms’ SIG P365 Compensator 17 hours ago

End Wokeness 🐦

Jun 21 VP Harris explains artificial intelligence. I want reparations for the brain cells I lost. 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Canadian taxpayers spent $850k on signs asking Ghanaians not to sh*t on beaches 18 hours ago
Jun 21 This tweet is now 6 years old 19 hours ago
Jun 21 The image on the left is why schools need to implement the image on the right 19 hours ago

Gilbert Doctorow 🌏

Jun 21 Nothing to worry about? South Korea sounds the alarm 17 hours ago

VDare 👽

Jun 21 Bad Foreign Doctors: A Roundup 18 hours ago

American Partisan 🇺🇸

Jun 21 SIGN UP FOR TRAINING NOW 18 hours ago
Jun 21 Major Cyber Incident Paralyzes Thousands Of US Auto Dealerships 18 hours ago
Jun 21 AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution. 18 hours ago
Jun 21 Map shows Chinese-owned farmland next to 19 US military bases in ‘alarming’ threat to national security: experts 18 hours ago

Middle of the Right

Jun 21 Have ya ever noticed: 18 hours ago

Severian's Founding Questions: Lighting Up the Endarkenment ➡️ 🏺

Jun 21 Friday Mail Sack 19 hours ago

Massad Ayoob


American Gulag 🗝️

Jun 21 “My Death Will Be on Your Hands” – J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Enters 4th Day of Hunger Strike – Has Lost Several Pounds – Releases List of Demands 19 hours ago

Mike Farris: Coffee and a Mike podcast ☕ 🎧

Jun 21 Auden Cabello #851 20 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊️ ➡️

Jun 21 The Baby Crisis 20 hours ago

American Handgunner 💥

Jun 21 BlackPoint Tactical Holsters 21 hours ago

Active Response Training 🛡️

Jun 21 Weekend Knowledge Dump- June 21, 2024 21 hours ago

Video Rebel 🎥

Jun 21 2024: The Year The Israel Lobby Loses Its Grip on the World? 22 hours ago

Raconteur Report

Jun 21 Legalized Pot Is The Gateway Stupidity 23 hours ago

SurvivalBlog 🌾 🏹

Jun 22 Preparedness Notes for Saturday — June 22, 2024 39 minutes ago
Jun 22 Weather the Storm with Backup Power – Part 3, by E.R. 40 minutes ago
Jun 22 Editors’ Prepping Progress 41 minutes ago
Jun 22 The Editors’ Quote of the Day: 42 minutes ago

Winter Watch ☃️ 🕊 ️ 🔂🕛

Jun 22 The Biden Doppelganger Situation 2 hours ago
Jun 22 The Discordian Pederast Destruction of the Boy Scouts of America 2 hours ago
Jun 22 The Merkava Parking Situation 2 hours ago

Michael Yon 🇺🇸 🐦

Jun 22 Horrific — I made this video evening of 21 June 2024 at Yokohama 横浜DeNAベイスターズ Bay Stars Stadium, in Japan. Vexxing anyone above 6 months old. Many Japanese are on their ‘covid’ 8th jab. #OperationBurningEdge @ganaha_masako @annvandersteel 3 hours ago
Jun 22 Of interest. Added point: Chinese also buying land near bases in Japan: 4 hours ago
Jun 22 RT by @Michael_Yon: The Department of Defense admitted it has no idea how much money it has given the Chinese to make viruses more dangerous. Some DoD funding for China's biowarfare program can be traced, which I have done. All can be traced. DoD just doe 7 hours ago
Jun 22 R to @Michael_Yon: China staking claims on America — to be clear, this video will likely mean little to those who do not study CCP information war and tendencies. Those who do study know exactly what this means: 7 hours ago

To Reclaim Normality

Jun 22 A Big Reason Why God Hates Divorce: It Destroys Children’s Lives 3 hours ago

Armstrong Economics 📉

Jun 22 Interview: Western Empire Facing Same Collapse as Rome in its Final Days 4 hours ago
Jun 22 We Need so New Conspiracy Theory Because They Keep Coming True 4 hours ago
Jun 21 Market Talk – June 21, 2024 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Consumed by Hatred 18 hours ago

Gates of Vienna 🏰 👽

Jun 22 Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/21/2024 4 hours ago
Jun 22 Summertime Sexual Emergencies in Austria 6 hours ago

Ramzpaul 🕊️ 🐦

Jun 22 RT by @ramzpaul: In LA they’re literally stealing cars off of tow trucks in broad daylight with zero hesitance or fear. Is this what the final days of an Empire look like? I think so. 4 hours ago
Jun 22 Night Owls - Friday, June 21 6 hours ago
Jun 21 The problem is biology. Women are most fertile between the ages of 20-24. And unless we want illegitimate children (also bad for civilization) women need to marry around the age of 20. However, most women prefer to focus on their careers, parties and 8 hours ago
Jun 21 The “doctors” should be sent to prison. 10 hours ago

Arthur Sido: Dissident Thoughts ➡️️ 💭 ️🕊 🔂🕛

Jun 22 Ran Amok With The Canuck 5 hours ago

Big Country Expat ⚔️

Jun 22 Happy Birfday to My Wife Gretchen! 5 hours ago

Larry Johnson: A Son of the New American Revolution

Jun 22 Friday Roundtable With the Judge and Ray 6 hours ago

Federal Observer: Time is Running Out ✂️

Jun 22 Scientific American Declares War on Homeschooling, Calls for Fed. Regulations 6 hours ago
Jun 22 194K Known Migrant ‘Got-Aways’ Under Biden Admin this Year 7 hours ago
Jun 22 Chip Roy: There Is ‘Repeated Evidence’ of Non-Citizens Voting 7 hours ago
Jun 22 Morgan Freeman Explains Why He ‘Detests’ Black History Month: ‘My History Is American History’ 8 hours ago

North Carolina Renegade

Jun 22 In Appalachia, They Are Called Excavators 7 hours ago
Jun 21 Welcome to the Melting Pot 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Medical Treatment in the US 19 hours ago

The Last American Vagabond

Jun 21 Saudi Arabia: The Petro Dollar, China, and CBDC’s 8 hours ago
Jun 21 Israeli Settlers Consistently Use Arson Attacks To Burn Palestinians Alive 8 hours ago
Jun 21 Brad Miller Interview – A Declaration Of Military Accountability & Foreign Influence Over US Policy 10 hours ago

Non Veni Pacem: The Splendor of Truth ✝️

Jun 21 New low for Disney: The new Star Wars is about a coven of Marxist lesbian space witches 8 hours ago
Jun 21 What a glorious day it will be, and soon, when the usurpers are forced to recognize the true unique expression of the Roman Rite 16 hours ago

Whiskey Tango Texas 🥃

Jun 21 AAA No Longer Safe For Pension, Widow And Orphan Income Investors 8 hours ago

American Renaissance 🕊️

Jun 21 The Future of Christianity 9 hours ago
Jun 21 US Supreme Court Says Citizens Can’t Sue Over Foreign Spouses’ Visa Denials 9 hours ago
Jun 21 Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports One Migrant for Every Three U.S. Births 9 hours ago
Jun 21 Trump Courts Rappers as Surrogates for His Campaign to Win More Voters of Color 9 hours ago

We the Patriots

Jun 21 Constitution Course Begins July 1st! 9 hours ago

Idaho Freedom Foundation 🗻

Jun 21 Making Idaho Great Again 9 hours ago

America First Legal ⚖️

Jun 21 America First Legal Secures Major Win Against the Affordable Care Act 10 hours ago
Jun 21 America First Legal Files Brief to Fight Jack Smith’s Unlawful Attempt to Gag President Trump in Florida 19 hours ago
Jun 21 EXCLUSIVE – New Docs from Disbanded DHS Deep State Group Reveal the Biden Admin Views Trump Supporters as “Domestic Terrorism Threats” 20 hours ago

Xenophilic: The Return

Jun 21 More help for the planet! 10 hours ago
Jun 21 Bob! 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Frisky Friday! 18 hours ago

Courageous Discourse: Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., MPH 💉

Jun 21 "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Fauci False Vaccine Claims, Government Driven Bird Flu Scare, Motives of Global Elites 22 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future (Video) 🇷🇺 📺

Jun 21 SitRep June 21 2024 11 hours ago

Morgoth's Review

Jun 21 Thoughts On "It's Just Rocks" & Discussing Zero Seats With Auron Macintyre 11 hours ago

War on Guns 💥

Jun 21 Karma Alert? Another Bloomberg Mayor Could Become a ‘Prohibited Person’ 12 hours ago
Jun 21 Now Get Him to Say His Name Backwards 12 hours ago
Jun 21 But Burning It in Support of Hamas is OK 12 hours ago
Jun 21 In Preparation for the Day 12 hours ago

Laughing Wolf 🐺

Jun 21 Baking Day 12 hours ago

Elon Musk 🚀 🥾 🐦

Jun 21 RT by @elonmusk: ¡Starlink Mini ya está disponible en Colombia, Panamá, El Salvador y Guatemala! Haz tu pedido en línea en menos de 2 minutos → 12 hours ago
Jun 21 Cool 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Interesting 14 hours ago
Jun 21 Image 15 hours ago

Welcome to Western Globohomo Inc.

Jun 21 Ritual Humiliation 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Cases! We Got Cases! Cases Everywhere! 16 hours ago
Jun 21 Viruses To The New World Order 16 hours ago

Peak Prosperity 🌄

Jun 21 Tracy Thurman : The War on Food (and on the Amish, and Farmers) 13 hours ago
Jun 21 There’s No Way Out But Forward 13 hours ago
Jun 21 June Peak Insider Live – REPLAY 18 hours ago

Mundabor ✝️

Jun 21 Too Dumb For Purgatory 13 hours ago

New Discourses

Jun 21 Do Your Homework! 14 hours ago

Michael Benz: Foundation for Freedom Online 📣

Jun 21 Report: 2020 Censorship Architect Stanford Internet Observatory ‘Collapses Under Pressure’ 14 hours ago

Justice Report 🕊

Jun 21 Police arrest transwoman for double murder of elderly parents 14 hours ago

Counter-Currents 🕊️

Jun 21 Editor’s Update 15 hours ago
Jun 21 Now Available! Derek Hawthorne’s Being & The Birds or: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Heidegger (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock) 15 hours ago
Jun 21 I’m Not Voting for Cheeto Bush 15 hours ago
Jun 21 The Littlest Red Pill: Archibald Ramsay’s The Nameless War 17 hours ago

Center for Renewing America

Jun 21 Biden Announces ILLEGAL Mass Amnesty Executive Actions 15 hours ago

Fr. Kevin Cusick, LCDR (Ret.) ✝️

Jun 21 Cardinal Sarah: Rejection of traditional liturgy, morals are forms of ‘practical atheism’ in the Church 16 hours ago
Jun 21 Keep Calm and TLM On 21 hours ago
Jun 21 My latest column: “Victory in the War of Good vs. Evil” 21 hours ago

Kyle Seraphin: Recovering FBI agent 👮🏻 🎧

Jun 21 Crimes and Punishments | Ep 332 17 hours ago

Sarah A. Hoyt: According to Hoyt

Jun 21 John Lennon’s Tooth and The Machinery of Fate A Blast from the Past April 2014 17 hours ago

The Reload 💥

Jun 21 SCOTUS Upholds Domestic Violence Restraining Order Gun Ban in 8-1 Vote 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Meet the Man Pushing for a Ukrainian Second Amendment 23 hours ago
Jun 21 Analysis: The Risk and Potential Reward of Biden Doubling Down on Gun Control [Member Exclusive] 23 hours ago
Jun 21 Newsletter: Biden Bets Big on Gun Control 23 hours ago

War on the Rocks 🪨

Jun 21 The Difficult Balance Of Constitutional Statesmanship During Times Of War 17 hours ago

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans ️🥒

Jun 21 Siblings Caught in the Crossfire 18 hours ago

Victor Davis Hanson

Jun 21 VDH UltraFeverish Dreaming About Covid with Covid. Part One 18 hours ago
Jun 21 Things That Are Not: from “Cheapfakes” to “War Crimes” 20 hours ago

Matt Taibbi 🖊 ️

Jun 21 America This Week, June 21, 2024: "Cheap Fakes and Real Mind Games" 18 hours ago

Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

Jun 21 Friday Funnies: Red EYE 19 hours ago

Climate Depot ❄️

Jun 21 Listen: Morano on Joe Piscopo Show on climate activists defacing Stonehenge: ‘They are funded by & speaking for the world’s billionaires, millionaires, international foundations, academia & the corporate world’ – ‘They are not taking it to the man — they 19 hours ago
Jun 21 Larry Fink at WEF destroys net zero due to AI power demands: ‘The world is going to be short power. And to power these data companies you cannot have just this intermittent power like wind & solar. You need dispatchable power’ 19 hours ago
Jun 21 AI = Energy Detransition: Energy analyst Mark P. Mills Testifies to Congress on how massive electricity demand for AI means ‘policymakers can no longer entertain the idea of an ‘energy transition’ 20 hours ago
Jun 21 Silicon Valley, Wall Street donors committed to funding research to block the sun to slow climate change 20 hours ago

Muckraker 🐎 🐦

Jun 21 RT by @realmuckraker: Muckraker are doing tremendous work on the border crisis, and their upcoming report on the US government's role in child trafficking on a vast scale is going to be truly shocking. 100,000 children have been brought across the border 20 hours ago

Identity Dixie

Jun 21 Red Pandemic: The Global Marxist Cult 21 hours ago

Dr. David Healy 💉

Jun 21 Challenging My Media to Disclose 21 hours ago

Small Wars Journal 🪖

Jun 21 Strength and Wisdom in the Middle East 21 hours ago

Alexander Gelyevich Dugin 🇷🇺 ☦️ 🐦

Jun 21 Curiously, Artificial Intelligence for the query "US Election 2024" gives only one result: Donald Trump. Moreover, obsessively, sometimes even Trump vs Trump. Perhaps the electronic brains know something. — Alexander Dugin 22 hours ago

John Helmer: Reporting from Moscow 🇷🇺


The Tactical Hermit 🏹 🕊️

Jun 22 Heads Up an hour ago
Jun 21 Bill Jordan: No Second Place Winner 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Cartel Corner: Vortex of Evil 21 hours ago
Jun 21 Regarding the Jewish Question 23 hours ago

VT Foreign Policy 🌏

Jun 22 Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 53, noncompliance, empathy and ethics… 2 hours ago
Jun 22 The June 2010 ”Suicides” of both Netanyahu’s and Barak’s Psychiatrists and the logical implications of their violent deaths 7 hours ago
Jun 22 Russia states the conditions under which it will invade NATO 8 hours ago
Jun 21 America’s strategic nightmare – Russia (re)building alliances across the globe 16 hours ago

/r/gunpolitics 💥 🔴

Jun 22 The Supreme Court upholds a gun control law intended to protect domestic violence victims 3 hours ago
Jun 22 Gavin Newsom's anti-gun constitutional amendment fails to gain support from a single state after 1 year 8 hours ago
Jun 21 Gavin Newsom's anti-gun constitutional amendment fails to gain support from a single state after 1 year 8 hours ago
Jun 21 GOA: THIS Is What Compromise Leads To... 11 hours ago

Daily Pundit

Jun 22 Roberts Getting Ready to Drive Big Holes Through Bruen 3 hours ago
Jun 22 On Bailing and Bailing Out 4 hours ago

Day By Day 😂 💬

Jun 22 Them Robots. 4 hours ago

Robert Stacy McCain

Jun 22 In The Mailbox: 06.21.24 4 hours ago
Jun 22 Another #NeverTrump Embarrassment: ‘Lewd and Lascivious Behavior’ 6 hours ago

The Dissident Right ➡️


Dyspepsia Generation

Jun 22 Bay Leaves Are the Mysterious Dryer Sheets of the Kitchen. 5 hours ago
Jun 22 Ingroups and Outgroups: How Social Identity Influences People 5 hours ago
Jun 21 People are Fleeing Canada. Is Civil Unrest Next? 18 hours ago
Jun 21 New $72,000 Migrant Smuggling Routes to the US Start With Charter Flights 18 hours ago

Straight Line Logic 📏

Jun 22 Get your shot 5 hours ago
Jun 22 Is Washington trying to dump the Ukraine war into the EU’s lap? By Martin Jay 5 hours ago
Jun 22 Russia fears a NATO attack. Here’s why. By Igor Istomin 5 hours ago
Jun 22 A Door Closes, A Window Opens, by James Howard Kunstler 6 hours ago

Center for Immigration Studies 👽

Jun 22 Op-ed: Donald Trump, Immigration Expansionist 6 hours ago

Meryl Nass, M.D. 💉

Jun 22 More on the looming bird flu disaster. Lots of good new info, especially on how they avoid regulation of pandemic vaccines 7 hours ago
Jun 21 Defense Department IG tells Congress in mandated report that DOD did not support any GOF research from 2014-2023 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Another obstacle to a Palestinian state 13 hours ago

🇼 🇷 🇸 🇦 : Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) @ ColdFury 🤡

Jun 21 Weekend Edition #1 8 hours ago
Jun 21 This Will End Well 21 hours ago

S2 Underground 📺

Jun 21 The Wire - June 21, 2024 8 hours ago 🇷🇺 🪆

Jun 21 Gates may bring ‘downfall of western civilization’ – Musk 9 hours ago
Jun 21 New war is coming – UN 9 hours ago
Jun 21 Buffett-owned agency warns of ‘Trump recession’ 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Taiwan ‘learning from Ukraine’ to prepare for attack – vice president 12 hours ago

Gun Owners of America 💥

Jun 21 PA: Support GOA Amendments to Juvenile Mental Health Bill 9 hours ago
Jun 21 GOA Reaction: SCOTUS Rules Against Second Amendment in U.S. v. Rahimi 16 hours ago

The Burning Platform

Jun 21 We must have homogeny 10 hours ago
Jun 21 LTC Steven Murray – Roundtable 6-19-24 11 hours ago

Conservative Headlines

Jun 21 LYING: “Democrat” Electoral Strategy #2 10 hours ago

Paul Joseph Watson 📺

Jun 21 It's incredible. 10 hours ago

Malone Institute: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

Jun 21 Wellbeing: UNCONNECT 10 hours ago

Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief Daily

Jun 21 Filipino Soldiers Fought Off Axe-Wielding Chinese Coast Guard 'With Bare Hands' 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Trump Seeks Recusal of New York Civil Fraud Judge Who Fined Him $454 Million 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Steve Bannon Files Emergency Request to Supreme Court to Stay Out of Prison 11 hours ago
Jun 21 Watch: Gavin Newsom's Oakland, California Transformed Into Warzone On Juneteenth 11 hours ago

Situation Report: LTC Steven Murray (Ret.) 🎖️ 🏷️

Jun 21 [Media] The Roundtable at 4pm PST. 11 hours ago
Jun 21 [Media] Internal docs from Biden’s DHS show their plans to target Trump supports as domestic e [...] 16 hours ago
Jun 21 Tonight’s roundtable will feature Ben Davidson - Solar Observer and Spudhut. 17 hours ago
Jun 21 [Media] OMG obtained the FOIA footage from PIMA county Ramada hotel illegal immigrant compound. 20 hours ago

J6 Patriot News 🗝️

Jun 21 LETTERS FROM PRISON: JEFF MCKELLOP 062124 11 hours ago

Strategic Culture Foundation 🌏

Jun 21 A new multipolar security system based on ‘Pax Rossiya’ 12 hours ago
Jun 21 The new West vs. the new world 12 hours ago
Jun 21 Art appreciation is not learned 12 hours ago
Jun 21 WATCH: Roger Waters, Cat Stevens Play for Gaza 13 hours ago

Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.): Future Defense Visions 🪖🎖️️ 🇺🇸

Jun 21 Judge Napolitano/Judging Freedom 6/21/2024 12 hours ago

Wade Miller: Citizens for Renewing America ⭐ 🐦

Jun 21 RT by @WadeMiller_USMC: Believe me, I’m thinking about that all the time 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Woke nonsense. Women shouldn’t be in the draft, in any instance, nor should their ability to vote be tied to it. The purpose of the draft is only to rapidly replace combat losses in a national emergency. Only men should be in front line combat units bec 13 hours ago
Jun 21 Mike Johnson funded the ability of the Biden admin to be responsible for these atrocities. 13 hours ago
Jun 21 RT by @WadeMiller_USMC: Here she goes again. Justice Sotomayor cites woke academics to claim that an illegal immigrant from El Salvador covered in tats (and denied U.S. entry for suspected gang affiliation) was merely expressing his "pan-Latinx identity". 15 hours ago

Dystopian Survival 🌾

Jun 21 Some Weekend Reading... 13 hours ago

Martyr Made 🐦

Jun 21 Image 13 hours ago

Information Liberation

Jun 21 Ben Shapiro Defends AIPAC Babysitters: 'Those Are Just Constituents' 14 hours ago

David Hardy: Of Arms & The Law 💥 ⚖

Jun 21 Rahimi decided 14 hours ago

Armed American News 💥

Jun 21 SAF’s statement on Supreme Court’s Rahimi Decision 14 hours ago

European Renaissance 🏰 🕊️

Jun 21 Free your Nation: American Occupied Europe 14 hours ago

Practical Eschatology 🤔

Jun 21 Chicago Tribune Attempts To Scare City Into Hiring More Police ... 15 hours ago
Jun 21 Japan Going Quietly Into The Night 16 hours ago
Jun 21 Pride Flags Torn Down In North Boise 16 hours ago

CDR Salamander, USN (Ret.) 🌊

Jun 21 Fullbore Friday 16 hours ago

Old Glory Club

Jun 21 Communication and Power 17 hours ago

Scott Greer: Highly Respected

Jun 21 IQ Supplement v. 161: The Anti-White Western 17 hours ago

Occidental Observer 🕊️

Jun 21 First Amendment Blues: David Cole’s Dubious Doubts about Denial 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Actually, Senator 18 hours ago

Forward Observer 🔭

Jun 21 Far Left Playbook for Friday, 21 June 2024 17 hours ago
Jun 21 Global SITREP for Friday, 21 June 2024 18 hours ago
Jun 21 Early Warning for Friday, 21 June 2024 18 hours ago

Wintery Knight ✝️

Jun 21 The seven fatal flaws of moral relativism 18 hours ago

James Howard Kunstler

Jun 21 A Door Closes, A Window Opens 18 hours ago

Throne, Altar, Liberty ✝️

Jun 21 Bring Back the Tsar! 18 hours ago

Joe Huffman: View from North Central Idaho 🗻

Jun 21 Truth is Hard and Dangerous to the Social Order 19 hours ago


Jun 21 Quote of the Day - Cancer edition 19 hours ago

Anthony Esolen: Word & Song ✝️ 🎵

Jun 21 Dog-Eared Pursuits 20 hours ago

John Wilder: Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise 🦉 🥠

Jun 21 It Came From . . . 1989 20 hours ago

The Forty-Five

Jun 21 A Lifestyle Not A Hobby Followup 21 hours ago

Paul Craig Roberts ➡️

Jun 21 Biden Regime amnesties 350,000 illegal aliens 21 hours ago
Jun 21 A Leader Emerges. Will the People Support Him? 21 hours ago
Jun 21 Walt Disney Company Discriminates Against White People, Especially Males 21 hours ago
Jun 21 Here is Gilbert Doctorow on the current situation 21 hours ago

Way of the World 🕊️ 🔂🕛 🐦

Jun 21 Image 22 hours ago
Jun 21 Image 23 hours ago

Awful Avalanche 🇷🇺

Jun 21 Ukraine War Day #849: The Failure of Zelensky’s Piss Conference – Part I 23 hours ago