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Selco: SHTFSchool 🪭 🌾 🏹

Oct 02 Discover the Best Water Purification Tablets for Safe Hydration 10 minutes ago
Oct 01 Unveiling Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Replace 19 hours ago

Gates of Vienna 🏰 👽

Oct 02 Emmanuel “Unvaxed” Macron 20 minutes ago
Oct 02 Geert Wilders: “Imported Violence in Almost All Our Cities” 2 hours ago
Oct 01 Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/30/2023 23 hours ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

Oct 02 You Aren’t Taking Anything 26 minutes ago
Oct 01 How to Get Out of Online Meetings 16 hours ago
Oct 01 Playing Pretend 16 hours ago
Oct 01 Surprise, Surprise 23 hours ago

Prepper Website 🌾

Oct 02 What To Do With Dying Potted Plants – How To Save Your Pots & Soil For Next Year! 44 minutes ago
Oct 02 How to Build an Outhouse an hour ago
Oct 02 12 Homemade Log Splitter Plans You Can Try an hour ago

Libs of Tik Tok 🌸 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @libsoftiktok: You’re right obv an hour ago
Oct 02 USAToday actually published this. Absolutely rekt @ZachSchermele 2 hours ago

Don Shift: SHTF ✇ ☢️ 🐦

Oct 02 I'd like to say that I was the front office bimbo's first choice before the dude she tricked into knocking her up. an hour ago
Oct 02 Today, at Trader Joes I was chivalrous to the chick with multicolored hair and hardware in her face. 2 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @DonShift3: #1 New Release. #2 in First Aid and #2 in Emergency Medicine. Wow. Thank you all. We're 5/5 on #1 New Releases. 4 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @DonShift3: It’s not just you, there’s a new social credit score system for Twitter reach. Impressions are down 50% to 75% depending on who you are and how lawfully awful your account is or who you’re associated with. It rolled out around 60 ish 5 hours ago

Charles Haywood: The Worthy House 🏠 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @TheWorthyHouse: The Kingdom of Atlantica is unique in preferring ceramic-based ballistic plate armor over soft armor. Its yellowish color and flared, organic curves has led to troops from other kingdoms referring to ceramic knights as 'crabs'. 2 hours ago
Oct 02 The APN continues to expand its capabilities . . . 2 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @TheWorthyHouse: >makes bed >proceeds to lie in it >waah waah this bed is badly made! what the fuck! this bed sucks!!!! 3 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @TheWorthyHouse: "FEDERAL AGENTS could be here" he thought "Federal agents might be watching right now". The cool air hose blast felt good on his forearms. "I HATE FEDERAL AGENTS". Country music reverberated in the shop as $1 coffee coursed in his v 4 hours ago

Joe Huffman: View from North Central Idaho 🗻

Oct 02 Professor Pew CLP Review 2 hours ago
Oct 01 Brainwashing is Strong 14 hours ago

Mars Christianissimus ✝️ 🐸

Oct 02 Denial of the Trinity is a Judaizing heresy. Simple as. You're really not even a Christian. You're much closer to a Muhammadan than a Christian. Denia... 2 hours ago
Oct 01 "And the Apostles, so there's that."The Apostles deny the Trinity? Where? You trippin'."I seem to recall the Pharisees and scribes grumbling along tho... 7 hours ago
Oct 01 By denying the Holy Trinity, @RobertKayland places himself in the company of Muhammadans, heretics, and Jews. That's not good company, gents. 8 hours ago
Oct 01 Would your prefer I rend my garments? I can't believe you deny the Holy Trinity. But, like the heretic Arius, who denied the Divinity of Christ, you r... 8 hours ago

The Economic Collapse Blog 🌾 📉

Oct 01 2 Very Ominous Events That Are Going To Happen This Week 3 hours ago

Defensive Pistolcraft 💥

Oct 01 CWP, 1 October MMXXIII Anno Domini 7 hours ago

🇼 🇷 🇸 🇦 : Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) 🤡

Oct 01 The Latest From CJ Hopkins 4 hours ago
Oct 01 …And A Whole Bunch Of Junior Dictators As Well 6 hours ago
Oct 01 IQ Matters: Rome & Now 6 hours ago
Oct 01 On St. Michael 10 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future (Video) 🇷🇺 📺

Oct 01 On Culture. 5 hours ago

State Secession: Split the U.S. ✂️ 🐦

Oct 01 This is why Texas must escape the federal government, and lead the red states out. You can help by donating or signing a binding petition: Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Banning Minors From ‘Sexualized Performances’ 4 hours ago
Oct 01 "Macron Deals With Separatism From Corsica, Offers ‘Limited Autonomy’" Only 340k people live there, so autonomy is about all the "independence" Corsica should ask for. Federalism is not a solution in the US because the Dems won't and can't restrain fedg 5 hours ago

The Burning Platform

Oct 01 “Who Do Americans Think They Are?” Charles Nenner Warns “It’s Over, They Can’t Rule The World Anymore” 5 hours ago
Oct 01 Congress Passes Trillion Dollar Stopgap Bill That Will Fund Government Until About 2 PM Tomorrow 8 hours ago
Oct 01 Escobar: Russia-China Partnership Defangs US Empire 14 hours ago

Doomer Tapes 🐦

Oct 01 R to @DoomerTapes: The other day I drove around a major US city with loaded guns, nods, armor, and a plethora of supporting technologies, and it was all perfectly legal. Nowhere else on earth is that allowed, and I will do whatever it takes to maintain t 6 hours ago
Oct 01 One thing I don't like is that there is only one place on earth that you can be an American- enjoying the rights given to us naturally as humans, and using those rights on the free and open land that surrounds us. And people that want us to be more like 6 hours ago
Oct 01 R to @DoomerTapes: Also, buying used is fine. Gen3 tubes last 10-15k hours and there is not a single person I've ever seen actually document the death of a gen 3 tube. I have a gen 2 Russian tube from decades ago that still works 10 hours ago
Oct 01 Idk who needs to hear this, but it is possible to do night vision on a budget. Find a used green phosphor gen 3 from a trusted site like tacswap or in person if you can (preferred) to check for significant blems and look at the serial number on the tube 10 hours ago

Garand Thumb 💥 📺

Oct 01 What is the Best Caliber for your SBR? 11 hours ago

David Kobler: SouthernPrepper1 🌾 🏹 📺

Oct 01 They are keeping the government open temporarily but they just blew another 25 Billion Dollars 7 hours ago

James Lyons-Weiler: Popular Rationalism 💉

Oct 01 The Invisible Hazard: Wireless Radiation and Kids 8 hours ago
Oct 01 The Mechanisms of Brain Injury from Aluminum Exposure: A Quick, Easy-to-Understand Review 14 hours ago

For Love of God and Country


The Z Man 🕊️ ➡️ 🐦

Oct 01 Republicans are right there with them. Pretending this a democrat problem is lunacy. The GOP is the open borders party. 9 hours ago
Oct 01 Sure you are. Totally believable. 10 hours ago
Oct 01 Digging around in the settings I found the topics of interest setting. Many things I would never choose so they were put there by Twitter. One of them was Lex Fridman. How much have his people spent promoting this guy? 10 hours ago
Oct 01 Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door. Of course, it is mostly about our brave politicians defending our democracy against the Extreme MAGA Republican. SubscribeStar: Substack: 13 hours ago

The New American

Oct 01 Sallust: The Roman Historian Who Taught the Founders to Believe in Conspiracies 9 hours ago

CJ Hopkins: Political Satire & Commentary

Oct 01 The GloboCap Nazi Follies 9 hours ago

Igor Chudov 💉

Oct 01 COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds 10 hours ago


Oct 01 Russia: Ukrainian “Terrorists” Attack Another Power Substation 10 hours ago


Oct 01 Dad Joke CCLXXXXIIII 10 hours ago

Counter-Currents 🕊️

Oct 01 Who Drinks More, the Rich or the Poor? 11 hours ago

Patriactionary: Old Strong Religion ✝️ 🇨🇦

Oct 01 Mis- vs. dis- 11 hours ago
Oct 01 They don’t belong and must go back 13 hours ago
Oct 01 AirStripOne dealing with ‘youths’ 13 hours ago
Oct 01 The totalitarianism increases 20 hours ago

Max Denken: Camp of the Sane 🔚 🐸

Oct 01 It's more than just flight. Much of that flight is by people not quite aware that demography is destiny and that Texas is future California and the De... 11 hours ago

The Tactical Hermit 🏹 🕊️

Oct 01 Black Crime: The Animals are Being Set Loose 12 hours ago
Oct 01 A Tribute to ‘Ole’ Painless’ 19 hours ago

Tim Gamble 🌾

Oct 01 Censored News: Illegal Alien Gang In Minnesota Kidnaps, Rapes, and Tortures 3 Girls 12 hours ago
Oct 01 Surviving Collapse: VSP, the Benedict Option, Atlas Shrugged, and Local Agrarianism. 13 hours ago

Dystopian Survival 🌾

Oct 01 Surviving Collapse: VSP, the Benedict Option, Atlas Shrugged, and Local Agrarianism. 13 hours ago

The Pipeline

Oct 01 No Farmers, No Food, No Future 13 hours ago

Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute

Oct 01 Why Did People Comply? 14 hours ago

The Exposé UK 💉

Oct 01 Bill Gates – The Man Behind The Curtain 14 hours ago
Oct 01 Government of Canada data is truly terrifying; suggesting the Triple Vaccinated have developed “AIDS” & are now 5.1x more likely to die of Covid-19 than the Unvaccinated 21 hours ago

How To With Yuri Bezmenov 😐

Oct 01 How To Change Your Mind 15 hours ago

J.L. Curtis: Nobody Asked Me

Oct 01 Snort… 16 hours ago

Awful Avalanche 🇷🇺

Oct 01 Ukraine War Day #585: Meet The New (Wagner) Boss! 17 hours ago

Oz Conservative 🇦🇺

Oct 01 A change of heart on men? 20 hours ago

The Reload 💥

Oct 01 Analysis: Don’t Try to Give Trump Your Commemorative Gun at a Campaign Stop [Member Exclusive] 18 hours ago
Oct 01 Podcast: California Rifle and Pistol Association’s Chuck Michel on Blocking the Magazine Ban [Member Early Access] 18 hours ago
Oct 01 Members’ Newsletter: Don’t Try to Give Trump Your Gun 18 hours ago

Paul Kingsnorth 🇬🇧

Oct 01 Ocean of Coins 19 hours ago

SurvivalBlog 🌾 🏹

Oct 01 Preparedness Notes for Sunday — October 1, 2023 20 hours ago
Oct 01 Writing Contest Prize Winners Announced — Round 108 20 hours ago
Oct 01 How to Build an Outhouse, by Mrs. Alaska 20 hours ago
Oct 01 JWR’s Meme Of The Week: 20 hours ago

Oct 01 The Nature of Immorality, by Jim Fetzer 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Biden Finally Finds Someone to Deport, by Gregory Hood 23 hours ago
Oct 01 One Conspiracy Theory to Rule Them All!, by Kevin Barrett 23 hours ago
Oct 01 The Western World Is Now a Tyranny, by Paul Craig Roberts 23 hours ago

Supply Chains in Crisis 🚚

Oct 01 Uncertainty is the New Normal 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Insourcing or Outsourcing Ocean Operations? How Shippers Can Make an Informed Decision 23 hours ago

Steve Sailer 🕊️ 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @Steve_Sailer: No. According to CDC counts, blacks accounted for 65% of incremental homicide deaths in 2021 over 2019, and 32% of incremental traffic fatalities. 19 minutes ago
Oct 01 RT by @Steve_Sailer: At 7 am on 10/31/1986, I was startled to see coffee shop workers in the golf town of Pacific Grove, CA dressed in Halloween costumes. My guess was that Massive Halloween for Grown-Ups started as a gay celebration and was spreading out 5 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @Steve_Sailer: Pre-Columbian Latin America was a major farming civilization with big cities and public works. North American Indians had some that, but large numbers were hunters and nomads. When horses arrived, some (Comanches, Sioux) culturally ev 5 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @Steve_Sailer: "Iowa is a decent Big Ten football program (8-5 last year, 4-1 so far this year) that tends to recruit a team that looks more like its home state’s demographics than does, say, the U. of Oregon. Last year, it started two white cornerb 5 hours ago

Inversionism ↕️ 🐦

Oct 02 Imagine getting GBS from a tetanus diphtheria vaccine as a teenager and then going online as an adult years later to defend the honor of pharmaceutical companies and ridiculing those who are criticizing and questioning them as anti-vaxxers. It's so hard 23 minutes ago
Oct 02 Has anyone reviewed the 2023-2024 ACIP summary table for influenza vaccines? Currently there are 3 vaccines that are using multi-dose vials with mercury in them, all available for infants at 6 months old. ->Afluria Quadrivalent (Seqirus) ->Fluzone Qua an hour ago
Oct 01 DARPA has taken the wheel. 3 hours ago
Oct 01 I'm so tired of hearing the words "safe and effective", and I'm even more tired of the absolute garbage science they're using to justify injecting pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. 5x timer risk of requiring hospital admission? 2-3x higher risk 3 hours ago

Captains Journal 💥

Oct 02 Animals 28 minutes ago
Oct 02 Ninth Circuit Concerning Duncan v. Bonta Magazine Case an hour ago
Oct 02 Do You Need Snap Caps For Dry Fire Practice? an hour ago
Oct 02 Physical Fitness: 1000 Push-ups in a Single Set an hour ago

LTC Steven Murray (Ret.) 🎖️ 🏷️

Oct 02 [Video] an hour ago
Oct 02 Kamala is a true inspiration to each and every imbecile woman in America; an hour ago
Oct 01 [Photo] THIS is interesting... 👀 5 hours ago
Oct 01 5 hours ago

Anno Domini Publishing ➡️ 🐸

Oct 02 Also, what kind of sick fuck looks at adelphopoieisis (basically a kind of church-sanctioned blood brother ceremony) and inserts buttsex into it? Holy... an hour ago
Oct 02 80s action movie music *is* pretty awesome though... an hour ago
Oct 02 Okay, so, since you did ask sincerely...I don't lack faith in our racial kinsmen. Those are exactly the "tens of millions of Heritage Americans" that ... 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Well, I'm happy you've fin ally realized what you did, and are, appropriately, slinking away in shame. 2 hours ago

Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.) 🪖🎖️️ ️🇺🇸 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @DougAMacgregor: Is America doing enough to solve the border crisis? Legal immigrants In most cases have to wait two years for a green card and the entire process takes generally three years. What can we do to HELP SOLVE the problem? #BorderCris 2 hours ago

Matt Bracken 🇺🇸 🐸

Oct 02 Matt Walsh: Discussing Systemic Racism With Heather Mac DonaldVery frank race realism at least for YouTube. WAY beyond what Heather Mac will say on ne... 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Anthony Fauci Was America's Warmup DictatorHe institutionalized the purposeful lie, suppressed critics, mastered emergency politics, even sold himself... 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Why Think About Rome? One Reason: The Fall Of Rome Coincided With A Fall In IQ—Like The Modern West [Snippet: "The essence of intelligence is “solvi... 2 hours ago
Oct 02 While Demanding Ukraine Funding, Joe’s Last Marble Falls Out of the BagVIDEO CLIP 2 hours ago

Auron Macintyre 🐦

Oct 02 R to @AuronMacintyre: I’ll never forget hearing John say that Aristotle was wrong about everything 2 hours ago
Oct 02 This answers a lot of questions 2 hours ago
Oct 01 It’s not just that conservatives have no narrative on race that can address this issue It’s that they can’t, due to their own self-imposed discursive limits So instead cities will burn 7 hours ago
Oct 01 They’re so desperate that they’re writing fan fic to condemn Trump “If, in an alternate universe, Trump had tried to do this then he might have, in theory, broken a law if you squint hard enough” 14 hours ago

Conservative Treehouse 🌳

Oct 02 While Demanding Ukraine Funding, Joe’s Last Marble Falls Out of the Bag 2 hours ago
Oct 01 Robert Kennedy Jr Admits His Campaign Has Done Polling on Running Independent and He Takes More General Election Votes from Donald Trump Than Joe Biden… 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Sunday Talks – McCarthy Responds to Gaetz and Links U.S Border Security Bill to Ukraine Funding Bill 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Sunday Talks – Matt Gaetz is Throwing Atomic Truth Hammers at The UniParty 6 hours ago

Vlad Tepes

Oct 01 Clarity: The elites hold us in contempt, Muslims are the vanguard of protecting children from communists: Links 1 for October 1, 2023 3 hours ago
Oct 01 Tucker Carlson on 2024 15 hours ago
Oct 01 Something wrong with the site 16 hours ago
Oct 01 Three items that together, add up to a damning picture of Germany, France, the EU, and it’s real intentions for Europe (and North America) 16 hours ago

Feral Irishman 🇮🇪

Oct 01 I'm Doubting That Ivermectin Will Work On These Parasites...Gonna Need Something MUCH Stronger. They are embedded. 4 hours ago

Shane Schaetzel: Complete Christianity ✝️ 🐸

Oct 01 BALTIMORE CATECHISM 👇 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Roman Catholic Anglo-Ordinariates… 5 hours ago
Oct 01 Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation (Acts 4:12), and Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church (Matthew 16:18-19), commanding us to enter into it... 8 hours ago
Oct 01 Yes, Christians SHOULD celebrate Halloween, and here's why... 13 hours ago

North Carolina Renegade

Oct 01 Close the Schools 4 hours ago
Oct 01 They are keeping the government open temporarily but they just blew another 25 Billion Dollars 5 hours ago
Oct 01 Boots on the Ground…Sept. 30th…Another hot spot just flared up could lead to a World War. 11 hours ago
Oct 01 The Truth Is Coming Out 11 hours ago

🇼 🇷 🇸 🇦: Concerned American (WRSA) 🤡 🐸

Oct 01 Zank you, Doktor....😂 4 hours ago
Oct 01 All-time fave. Wow... 5 hours ago
Oct 01 Moved to top of queue. 9 hours ago
Oct 01 Different issue. The carrier network knows what phones are registered on which cell sectors so that calls can be completed. It is certainly conceivabl... 9 hours ago

The Last American Vagabond

Oct 01 Edible/Transmissible Live Rabies Jabs Airdropped Over US That Include Tetracycline (GM Mosquitoes) 5 hours ago

S2 Underground 📺

Oct 01 Introducing: GhostNet 6 hours ago

Moonbattery ➡️

Oct 01 Seven Years Max in Cop Killing 7 hours ago
Oct 01 Has Newspeak Dictionary Updates 9 hours ago
Oct 01 French Support for Climate Change Travel Restriction 11 hours ago
Oct 01 Profiles in Democrat Rule: Jamaal Bowman 11 hours ago

A Midwestern Doctor: The Forgotten Side of Medicine 🩺 💉

Oct 01 How Do We Determine The Correct Dose of a Treatment? 7 hours ago

John Waters Unchained

Oct 01 The Wonder of You 8 hours ago

Michael Yon 🇺🇸 🐸

Oct 01 Males who will not defend their castles will be castrated and tossed from their own windows. Wearing the finest shoes, of course. 8 hours ago

Amuse: Politique Republic

Oct 01 American Unions are Destroying Everything 9 hours ago

Liberty's Torch

Oct 01 Sharp Questions Dept. 9 hours ago
Oct 01 Three Graphics For Our Time 17 hours ago

Consent Factory

Oct 01 The GloboCap Nazi Follies 10 hours ago

American Gulag 🗝️

Oct 01 January 6 Victim Philip Anderson Sever Ties with Democrat Family Member: “I Have Nothing Left to Say to You People. I’m Done With You Tyrants” 10 hours ago

/r/gunpolitics 💥 🔴

Oct 01 Does Putting Donald Trump's Name On a Gun Increase or Decrease The Value? 10 hours ago
Oct 01 94% of Mass Public Shootings Occur in Places Where Guns Are Banned 11 hours ago
Oct 01 The Lawyer Trying to Hold Gunmakers Responsible for Mass Shootings 13 hours ago

Bear Bussjaeger 🐻

Oct 01 Charges For Jamaal? 10 hours ago
Oct 01 TZP Column: Ninth Circuit 12 hours ago

Ben Bergquam: Frontline America 🛂

Oct 01 Bannon Daily-Fight Ahead for MAGA- War Room Ep. 3067 and 3068 11 hours ago

Arthur Sido: Dissident Thoughts ➡️️ 💭

Oct 01 History Is Driven By Chance 11 hours ago

Zelman Partisans 💥

Oct 01 Ninth Circuit Judicial Games 12 hours ago

Non Veni Pacem: The Splendor of Truth ✝️

Oct 01 Father Z. on the blackening of the dome of St. Peter’s 12 hours ago

American Renaissance 🕊️

Oct 01 Biden Finally Finds Someone to Deport 12 hours ago
Oct 01 Govt. Hires More Criminals to Comply with Biden Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Order 13 hours ago
Oct 01 GOP Win: Kevin McCarthy Blocks Democrats’ Migration Expansion 13 hours ago
Oct 01 Black Immigrants Face More Discrimination in the U.S. The Source Is Sometimes Surprising 13 hours ago

Wintery Knight ✝️

Oct 01 The downside of the soul mate / fairy tale view of relationships 13 hours ago

The Orthosphere ✝️

Oct 01 The Fearful But Diffident Passenger (or Lines Written on the Elevation of Twenty-One New Princes of the Church) 13 hours ago

Fr. Kevin Cusick, LCDR (Ret.) ✝️

Oct 01 Bishop Strickland: “Mary pulled me by the rosary closer to the heart of Her Son” 14 hours ago

Paul Craig Roberts ➡️

Oct 01 The Western World Is Now a Tyranny 14 hours ago
Oct 01 Beijing Calls US The Empire of Lies 15 hours ago
Oct 01 Putin’s Butt-sitting Continues to Invite Provocations and Widen the War 15 hours ago
Oct 01 “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”: Secret Gathering Sponsored by Bill Gates, 2009 Meeting of “The Good Club” A Documented Report 15 hours ago

Gilbert Doctorow 🌏

Oct 01 Sometimes democracy allows the will of the people to become state policy: this eventful weekend on Capitol Hill in Washington and in Slovakia 15 hours ago
Oct 01 Translations of “A two-part essay…” 15 hours ago
Oct 01 Translations of “All honors to a brave Dutch woman…” 15 hours ago
Oct 01 All honors to a brave Dutch woman who stands for humane values and people to people exchanges with Russia in our intolerant times 21 hours ago

Identity Dixie

Oct 01 The Promised Land 16 hours ago

Summit News

Oct 01 “More Deceit”: Gaetz Rages Over McCarthy-Ukraine Side Deal To Pass Stopgap 17 hours ago
Oct 01 Sweden Turns To Military For Help Amid Daily Shootings, Bombings In Migrant Gangland Chaos 17 hours ago

Bayou Renaissance Man 🐊

Oct 01 Sunday morning music 17 hours ago

The Forty-Five

Oct 01 Church Size, Church Success 18 hours ago

Daily Pundit

Oct 01 Meme-ories Of the Fall 19 hours ago

Just the News

Oct 01 Gaetz to seek McCarthy ouster over government shutdown deal, Speaker counters with 'I'll survive' 20 hours ago
Oct 01 Bowman denies allegations he tried to delay vote with fire alarm stunt, thought it would open door 20 hours ago
Oct 01 Byron Donalds says GOP 'did not get anything' from stopgap measure 20 hours ago
Oct 01 Biden administration places restrictions on gas-powered furnaces, says it will curb emissions 20 hours ago

Armstrong Economics 📉

Oct 01 Putin Interview 2020 Prewar 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Be Happy – From Klaus 23 hours ago

The Postil Magazine ✝️

Oct 01 Saint Michael, The Angel of Religion 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Justin Trudeau and the Banderites 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Monuments to Ukrainian Nazis in Canada 23 hours ago
Oct 01 Hunkagate, or How “Inglourious Basterds” Eat Crow 23 hours ago

Straight Line Logic 📏

Oct 02 The Costco Gold Indicator, by Quoth the Raven 19 minutes ago
Oct 02 Turley: Ten Reasons Why The Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Justified 24 minutes ago
Oct 02 Time To End The Fed And Its Mismanagement Of Our Economy, by E.J. Antoni and Peter St. Onge an hour ago
Oct 02 A Climate Of Fear, by James Gorrie an hour ago

Ramzpaul 🕊️ 🐦

Oct 02 Computer fixed! Night Owls back on. 24 minutes ago
Oct 02 Nice! Good to eliminate human artists. an hour ago
Oct 02 RT by @ramzpaul: “You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.” - Nikola Tesla 1898 an hour ago
Oct 02 RT by @ramzpaul: Interesting perspective an hour ago

PNWGUERRILLA / odggllc 🏷️

Oct 02 SOBER OCTOBER (starts tonight @ midnight and goes until NOV 1 @ midnight) 30 minutes ago
Oct 01 [Photo] 3 hours ago
Oct 01 [Photo] OG Strichtarn Pouches and Gloves. 9 hours ago
Oct 01 [Photo] 10 hours ago

Xenophilic: The Return

Oct 02 Almost worked. an hour ago
Oct 01 Better than High School! 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Climate Action Now! 2 hours ago

Welcome to Western Globohomo Inc.

Oct 02 Globohomo Or Die an hour ago
Oct 01 The People Of The World Are Not Blind 7 hours ago
Oct 01 Deceit! Deceit Everywhere! 11 hours ago
Oct 01 Global Shocks 12 hours ago

Larry Johnson: A Son of the New American Revolution

Oct 02 Russia’s “Potemkin Army” 2 hours ago
Oct 01 American Meddling in Ukraine  3 hours ago

Jim of Jim's Blog 👑 🐸

Oct 02 The heart of the average or median jab victim is struggling roughly twice as hard in order to function as the heart of average or median pureblood. ht... 2 hours ago
Oct 01 The Ukraine has more Jews in the government than any nation outside Israel, and more Nazis in the government than any nation since World War II. And n... 21 hours ago

Kyle Seraphin: Recovering FBI agent 👮🏻‍♂️ 🐦

Oct 02 Guys… I assume many of you have already broken it to Kat… That’s… not exactly how the guy code works… 2 hours ago
Oct 02 My buddies at @PatriotCoolers make a handsome looking piece of gear… Check out my producer Ryan’s 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥🇺🇸 2 hours ago
Oct 01 My friends use “Chad” as a compliment. Ex: “all of the men canceled by the @FBI are radical Christian, unvaccinated Chads.” Are we doing it wrong? 🤷🏽‍♂️ (Just because someone is ugly is no reason for them to engage in the soft tyranny of mask enforcem 6 hours ago
Oct 01 Wait - so is @JoeBiden secretly PRO-GUN like his mentor, @BarackObama!? One’s policies sold more guns than any US President before, and now #JoeyB wants you to own your own Javelin via his Taliban care package and some Glock switches with the open border? 6 hours ago

Idaho Dispatch 🗻

Oct 02 Is Boise State University Hiding Money Allocation From the Idaho Legislature? 3 hours ago

VDare 👽

Oct 01 Wise WSJ Commenter Warns On China. So What About McConnell? 3 hours ago
Oct 01 The Wire-Cutting, Fist-Bumping Biden Border Patrol Should Be Prosecuted 6 hours ago
Oct 01 A Breakthrough For Diversity: White Cornerback At U Of Iowa 12 hours ago

Dyspepsia Generation

Oct 01 Pandemic Panic – It’s Titanic 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Today in the Biden-Harris Slow-Motion Train Wreck 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Today in BIPOC Privilege 4 hours ago

Didactic Mind

Oct 01 Sunday Scripture: John the Baptist Prepares the Way 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Domain Query: Unleashed in the East 4 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future 🇷🇺

Oct 01 On Culture... 4 hours ago
Oct 01 Nima And Larry... 6 hours ago

Vox Day: Vox Popoli 😈

Oct 01 Vibrancy in the UK 5 hours ago
Oct 01 The Saga of the Baen Exemplar 13 hours ago
Oct 01 Immigration of Color = Bankruptcy 17 hours ago

John J. Mearsheimer 🌏

Oct 01 Three Items of Possible Interest 5 hours ago

ColdFury 🧊

Oct 01 Where Trans madness ends up 6 hours ago
Oct 01 Wisdom of the ages 10 hours ago
Oct 01 THAT’S how you do it! 11 hours ago
Oct 01 HILLARY!™ gets hers 11 hours ago


Oct 01 More Background On Jaroslav Hunka 7 hours ago

Xi Van Fleet: Mao's cultural revolution survivor 🇨🇳 🐦

Oct 01 Washington Post columnist Philip Bump calls CCP a pejorative. I call it the greatest threat to the United States! 8 hours ago
Oct 01 R to @XVanFleet: Most of them were exiled to Siberia like wildness in northeastern China to cultivate virgin land. They endured unimaginable hardships and many of them were Mao’s Red Guards! 13 hours ago
Oct 01 I was shocked to have just learned that in Beijing’s mental hospital there is a division specifically for the “educated youth” or 知青. They were the ones exiled to the countryside by Mao to be re-educated by peasants during the Cultural Revolution. I was o 13 hours ago

National File

Oct 01 Gaetz Intends to Vacate the Chair Following McCarthy’s Latest Failure 8 hours ago

Francis Berger ✝️

Oct 01 AI "Creativity" Is Anti-Spiritual Creativity 8 hours ago

Brian Almon's Gem State: Idaho 🗻

Oct 01 SUNDAY DEVOTION: The Remnant 9 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊 ️ 🐸

Oct 01 I mentioned this in the show this morning. It is worth a read, even though the writer is a sock puppet for international finance. Next year is going t... 9 hours ago
Oct 01 Sunday Thoughts is up behind the green door. Of course, it is mostly about how our brave politicians defending our democracy against the Extreme MAGA ... 13 hours ago

Information Liberation

Oct 01 PROGRESS: Lee Park in Charlottesville is Now a Homeless Encampment 10 hours ago

The Political Cesspool: James Edwards

Oct 01 Keith Woods and Ed Brodow Appear on TPC 10 hours ago
Oct 01 Love Potion Number 9 20 hours ago

Raconteur Report

Oct 01 Sunday Music: That Girl Could Sing 10 hours ago

InRangeTV 📺 💥

Oct 01 MUD: AKM vs AR15 13 hours ago

Rudy Havenstein 📉

Oct 01 Almost irresponsible. 11 hours ago

Big Serge ☦️ 🇷🇺 🐦

Oct 01 Evacuating children from a war-zone is literally genocide, according to the 1952 Convention on Sneed. 11 hours ago

David Vance

Oct 01 British Army bound for Ukraine! 12 hours ago
Oct 01 The Persecution of Dean Calvin Robinson by GB News 14 hours ago
Oct 01 More Doctors admit they got it wrong on Vaccines. 16 hours ago
Oct 01 Sunday Special – my Original Rabbit hole! 16 hours ago

Karl Denninger's Market Ticker 📈

Oct 01 The Market Ticker - Cancelled - On The Non-Aggression Principle 12 hours ago

Middle of the Right

Oct 01 The single decent thing about the “Stopgap Spending Bill” 13 hours ago
Oct 01 It was pretty obvious there was an agenda: 15 hours ago

Occidental Observer 🕊️

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