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📌 Saving Adriana Grace (10/2/22): GiveSendgo fundraiser / Update from Big Country / Day by Day: Saturday / Day by Day: Sunday

Filthie's Thunderbox 🧻 🇨🇦

Oct 02 Some People Just Need Killin’ 4 minutes ago
Oct 02 Non Lethal Armament 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Hmmmmmmmm.... 8 hours ago
Oct 02 On Sacrifice 13 hours ago

Occidental Dissent 🕊️

Oct 02 Major Latvian parties completely implode over lockdowns, mandates, and Russo-Ukrainian War 10 minutes ago
Oct 02 New York Times: As New Term Starts, Supreme Court Poised to Resume Rightward Push 7 hours ago
Oct 02 The Dispatch: When Culture Wars Go Way To Far 8 hours ago

Matt Walsh 🐦

Oct 02 The gay romantic comedy starring two dudes had tons of media hype and marketing dollars behind it but made less than 5 million dollars on its opening weekend. One of the biggest bombs in recent history. 18 minutes ago
Oct 02 RT by @MattWalshBlog: Legitimately one of the most evil tweets I’ve ever seen. 2 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @MattWalshBlog: No matter how many times they try censoring and silencing us, we’re never gonna stop the work we’ve started. We’re not going anywhere. Cry more, Libs! 3 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @MattWalshBlog: Join us on October 21 at the state capitol as we rally to end child mutilation across the state. @LandonStarbuck and I are proud to join forces with @MattWalshBlog to stop this war on our children. Come be a part of the movement. R 18 hours ago

Central Europe: Visegrád Group 🐦 🇨🇿🇭🇺🇵🇱

Oct 02 The Russian defensive line in the northern parts of the Kherson region completely collapsed tonight. Ukraine is breaking through along the line of contact. Arkhanhelske is liberated & Ukrainian forces are attacking Dudchany. Russian forces plead for ai 24 minutes ago
Oct 02 Khreshchenivka in the Kherson region was liberated today by the Ukrainian Army. It’s becoming hard to keep up with all the new settlements retaken by the Ukrainians every day now. 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Ukrainians advancing, Russians in retreat. It’s a beautiful sight. 3 hours ago
Oct 02 The Ukrainian Army has also broken though Russian lines east of Kupyansk and are heading toward Svatove. Another pincer is moving north-east from the Lyman area. Seems it’s only a question of time before the Russian forces in Borova will get encircled. 4 hours ago

WRSA: Western Rifle Shooters Association 🤡

Oct 02 Codrea: Las Vegas Runaround 34 minutes ago
Oct 02 Armstrong: “2023 Will Be The Year From Hell” 4 hours ago
Oct 02 70 Seconds That Shook The World 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Banzai! 7 hours ago

T.L. Davis

Oct 02 Talking to the Dead an hour ago

Oct 02 An Anatomy of a Hate Hoax in the Age of Sabrina Rubin Erderly and Jussie Smollett: the Case of Michael Ron David Kadar &Amp; the Loop ‘Lawgic’(Lawyer-Logic) of the Disingenuous David Schraub the Law Professor — How Jewish Power Uses Hate Hysteria to Misdi 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Nordstream – the Signal That Washington Knows It Has Lost the 'Great Game', by Nick Griffin 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Putin Is So Insane He’s Bombing His Own Infrastructure, But He’s Much Too Reasonable and Restrained to Fire Nukes, by Andrew Anglin 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Child-Mutilation Is a Happy Day, by Tobias Langdon 17 hours ago

The Freeholder 🌾

Oct 02 Moving on 2 hours ago

Glenn Greenwald 🖊 ️

Oct 02 Values and Character v. Political Identity: Some Personal Reflections 2 hours ago

War on Guns 💥

Oct 02 FBI’s Las Vegas Shooter Report Raises Serious Unanswered Questions. What NFA Weapons? 2 hours ago

Tim Pool: Timcast

Oct 02 Gen Z ROASTED For Being Lazy Over "Quiet Quitting," Crew Rags On Lazy Youth 3 hours ago
Oct 02 CRAZY Video Shows Riot & Ransacking At Gas Station As Democrats Panic Over Rising Crime 4 hours ago
Oct 02 'Try Guys' Member Fired For Having Workplace Affair 5 hours ago
Oct 02 Netflix SLAMMED For Tagging New 'Dahmer' Series as LGBTQ Content 7 hours ago

American Partisan 🇺🇸

Oct 02 Satanic Agenda Behind leaders and Governments Exposed 3 hours ago
Oct 02 American Greatness: Leftist Political Terror Against Republicans Greenlighted by Biden and the Left 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Bonhomme Richard Incident: Seaman Mays is Not Guilty 3 hours ago

State Secession: Split the U.S. ✂️ 🐦

Oct 02 "Fauci’s Pal Dr. Peter Daszak Is Awarded New Government NIH Grant to Study Bat Coronavirus in Asia" The civil service is unaccountable. Time to help Texas lead the red states out of the Union. 3 hours ago
Oct 01 New article from our guest author "Secession is Constitutional" 22 hours ago
Oct 01 RT by @state_secession: The Romans had the largest Army in the world. But they failed to protect their own borders. The Fall of America will happen unless conservatives split from the democrats. Our Army must protect its own borders. #NationalDivorce, #P 23 hours ago

The Burning Platform

Oct 02 Fauci’s Net Worth Soared to $12.6 Million During Pandemic 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system 4 hours ago
Oct 02 Snowden Didn’t “Flee to Russia”: Obama Trapped Him There 5 hours ago
Oct 02 BOYS WILL BE GIRLS???? 8 hours ago

Niccolo Soldo: Fisted by Foucalt ➡️

Oct 02 David Frum: Still a Bum 4 hours ago

You Will Shoot Your Eye Out 💥

Oct 02 Navy SEAL Coch’s Top 5 Battle Rifle Picks 4 hours ago
Oct 02 A FN Browning High Power Safari Grade .338 Winchester Magnum with a 24″ Barrel 4 hours ago
Oct 02 A little something to help start the Week off right! NSFW 13 hours ago
Oct 02 WWII – The CRAZY Amount Soldiers Were Paid 16 hours ago

Moonbattery ➡️

Oct 02 How Much Energy Will the World Need? 4 hours ago
Oct 02 How Terrified They Are of the Racist Police 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Open Thread 14 hours ago

A.H. Trimble

Oct 02 Right to Bear Arms – Poll 4 hours ago

The Political Cesspool: James Edward

Oct 02 Nick Griffin and Paul Fromm Return to TPC 5 hours ago
Oct 02 Love Potion No. 9 15 hours ago

Information Liberation

Oct 02 U.S. Army Falls 25% Short of Recruiting Goal Despite Offering Free Sex Changes 5 hours ago

Raconteur Report

Oct 02 Fair Is Fair 5 hours ago
Oct 02 FFS, Call A Cab 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Sunday Music: Sara 6 hours ago

Arthur Sido: Dissident Thoughts ➡️️

Oct 02 A New Fresh Hell Each Day 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Deism: The United States Of Unbelief 8 hours ago
Oct 02 Putting In The Work And Checking Your Shit 21 hours ago
Oct 01 Open Thread: Most Overrated Musical Acts 23 hours ago

Christian Nationalists of America ✝️ 🐦

Oct 02 Go to Church today. 6 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @CNofUSA: Me on foreign policy, me on economic issues, and me on social issues 18 hours ago

Bear Bussjaeger

Oct 02 TZP Columnet: If This Was America 7 hours ago

Rod Dreher ☦️ 🥒

Oct 02 Goodbye, Louisiana. I Tried 7 hours ago

Karl Denninger's Market Ticker 📈

Oct 02 The Market Ticker - Cancelled - Bulldoze The NIH 7 hours ago

Wintery Knight ✝️

Oct 02 California passes new law to undermine parental rights in all 50 states 8 hours ago

The Pipeline

Oct 02 Enemies of the People: Lori Lightfoot 8 hours ago

Tom Knighton: Tilting at Windmills 💥

Oct 02 The rise of a new aristocracy 8 hours ago

Joe Huffman: View from North Central Idaho 🗻

Oct 02 Quote of the day—Jonathan Turley 9 hours ago

Severian's Founding Questions: Lighting Up the Endarkenment ➡️ 🏺

Oct 02 Nerd Fight: Booze 9 hours ago
Oct 02 I Am the Walrus 12 hours ago

Henry Schumacher: Doctor Samizdat 🩺 💉

Oct 02 All the Marbles 10 hours ago

William Briggs ♾

Oct 02 Summary Against Modern Thought: Objections To The General Resurrection 11 hours ago

Bayou Renaissance Man

Oct 02 Sunday morning music 11 hours ago

Vox Day: Vox Popoli 😈

Oct 02 God Withdraws His Hand 11 hours ago

The Tactical Hermit

Oct 02 Observations of a Proud Southern White Man #4 12 hours ago
Oct 02 Von Steuben Small Unit Tactics Trifecta 15 hours ago
Oct 01 The Surveillance State: Intelligence Community Developing AI Tool To Unmask Anonymous Writers 23 hours ago

Ed West: Wrong Side of History🏺

Oct 02 Sunday West: October 2 14 hours ago

SurvivalBlog 🌾

Oct 02 Preparedness Notes for Sunday — October 2, 2022 14 hours ago
Oct 02 Revisiting The “Worst Case” Retreat Potential for Northeastern States 14 hours ago
Oct 02 JWR’s Meme Of The Week: 14 hours ago
Oct 02 The Editors’ Quote of the Day: 14 hours ago


Oct 02 PC Vs biology 15 hours ago
Oct 02 Know your role, prole 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Surprise send-off 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Courting disaster 19 hours ago

American Thinker

Oct 02 The Weekly Whodunnit 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Remember: Leftist Media Polls Are Often Wrong 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Lincoln Longed for a Dobbs-like Ruling to Correct the Erroneous Dred Scott Decision 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Madness Redux 17 hours ago

Day By Day 😂

Oct 02 Saving Grace. 17 hours ago

Straight Line Logic

Oct 02 And These People Get To Tell Us What To Do 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines, by Michael Nevradakis 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Turning Point, by William Schryver 19 hours ago
Oct 02 Ukraine – Four Oblasts Join Russia, by Moon of Alabama 20 hours ago

Blue State Conservative

Oct 02 Wow: Incredible Video Shows Cop Defending Citizens From Active Shooter [WATCH] 19 hours ago
Oct 02 Boom: Fox News Show Makes Cable History With First-Ever Ratings Milestone 19 hours ago

Non Veni Pacem: The Splendor of Truth ✝️

Oct 02 Spending family time… sorry for the scarcity of posts 20 hours ago

Idaho Dispatch 🗻

Oct 02 Major Announcement for The Idaho Dispatch! 20 hours ago

Andy Ngo 🐦

Oct 02 R to @MrAndyNgo: This is the ad: 9 minutes ago
Oct 02 .@Starbucks & @seattletimes sent legal threats to a Republican senator candidate for an ad where she stood in front of an abandoned Starbucks near former CHAZ that was destroyed by #Antifa. Seattle Times said it was illegal for her to show their headlines 9 minutes ago
Oct 02 For the first time, a San Diego #Antifa member has been convicted over a conspiracy to riot & other violent felonies. Erich "Nikki" Yach, a 6'4" trans woman with a history of domestic violence, ratted out her Antifa comrades in a plea deal w/@SDDistAtty. 22 minutes ago
Oct 02 RT by @MrAndyNgo: Brazilians are voting on Sunday in a highly contentious & polarized presidential election. President Bolsonaro is polling behind Lula. Lula is a socialist & former two-time president who was convicted & jailed for corruption, though it w 16 hours ago

Robert Stacy McCain

Oct 02 FMJRA 2.0: Shadows Of The Night 11 minutes ago
Oct 02 The $250,000,000 Scandal That’s Wrecking Minnesota Democrats 10 hours ago

Pandemic War Room

Oct 02 Episode 2196: Koffler, Beattie, Tyrmand: Russian Annexations; The Rise Of Elon Musk’s AI 22 minutes ago
Oct 02 Episode 2195: Live Updates From The Globalist Puppetmasters Event, Pennsylvania, And Michigan; The Looming Energy Crisis Come Winter 24 minutes ago

Steve Kirsch 💉 🐸

Oct 02 Elevated troponin levels post-vax 33 minutes ago
Oct 02 It is now known that the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death 2 hours ago

Libs of Tik Tok 🌸 🐦

Oct 02 7th graders at @HSVk12 were reportedly given an assignment which asked questions about their sexual orientation and their parents’ political views an hour ago
Oct 02 “Bizarrely” an hour ago
Oct 02 R to @libsoftiktok: Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital’s ‘Gender Clinic’ boasts that they provide puberty blockers and “gender affirming” hormone therapy to children. 2 hours ago
Oct 02 R to @libsoftiktok: Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital’s ‘Gender Clinic’ provides a guide for girls on “chest binding” so they can appear more masculine. 2 hours ago

Calculus of Decay

Oct 02 Witchcraft in Brittany an hour ago
Oct 02 Watchmen on the Wall 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Central Bank Digital Currencies – The Digital Gulag 8 hours ago
Oct 02 Scientific Censorship: Climate Fanatics Urge Removal of Study Questioning Evidence of a “Climate Crisis” 8 hours ago

Christopher Brunet: Karlstack ♾

Oct 02 The Cost of Plagiarism & P-Hacking 2 hours ago

Jesse Kelly 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @JesseKellyDC: Need some Big D in Pittsburgh 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Not gonna lie, I kind of miss the mask insanity. I realize some fruitcakes are still wearing them, but they’re mostly gone now. At no other time in my life did thoughtless sheep so eagerly choose to identify themselves. It was a very useful tool to deter 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Brother, everyone needs to step away from the news and politics and refresh themselves. If you took a tweet about skyscrapers and made it all about Blackrock, illegal immigration, and globalism, that time for you is now. Set the phone down and go outside 5 hours ago
Oct 02 I’ve always been fascinated by skyscraper construction. The danger of it and the amount of meticulous planning that has to go into it. Modern marvels. 5 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊 ️ 🐸

Oct 02 I cook filets in butter. When I grill a steak, I top it with melted butter and Worcestershire. 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Probably true with most food. Coffee can be levels of bitter, which we can pick up. How long it is roasted seems to impact the overall flavor, but tha... 6 hours ago
Oct 02 7 hours ago
Oct 02 7 hours ago

Catturd 😾 🐸

Oct 02 Let’s recap the past several weeks …Joe Biden - racist.Jill Biden - racist.Kamala Harris - racist.Nancy Pelosi - racist.Entire Martha’s Vineyard po... 2 hours ago
Oct 02 The reason the climate cult never mentions the Sun is because they’re all a bunch of low IQ, easy to brainwash suckers. 4 hours ago
Oct 02 "She was 12, I was 30.” - Joe Biden 8 hours ago
Oct 02 Gee, I wonder why? Scottish Government Orders Investigation Into Recent Spike in New Born Baby Deaths 8 hours ago

North Carolina Renegade

Oct 02 Addressing a Comment 3 hours ago
Oct 02 What If Biden Did Not Wake Up from His Nap? 5 hours ago
Oct 02 Russian Propaganda? 5 hours ago
Oct 02 The Nord Stream Pipeline Repair Dilemma 5 hours ago

Max Denken: Camp of the Sane 🔚 🐸

Oct 02 It's nice to be a migrant. This is the migrant digs they get under the UK's "conservative" government. UK Govt Cancels Weddings at Victorian Country M... 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Synthesize as a two-faced construct and then take a shot at predicting the future of the US and of the other countries that are under the thumb of the... 3 hours ago


Oct 02 True 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Max Steiner - Theme from Key Largo 7 hours ago

Matt Bracken 🐸

Oct 02 Watch the video at the link."To the future!" 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Untitled 7 hours ago
Oct 02 But let's all hate Russia and Hungary because they don't want our Satanic Globo Homo Empire.Link is to the Federalist article. 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Untitled 8 hours ago

Vincent James: The Red Elephants ➡️

Oct 02 Every Single Social Media Company Was Started by the CIA, and is Still Operated by the CIA Today 4 hours ago

VDare 👽

Oct 02 College Students Oppose Affirmative Action—But Don't Know Why It's Being Done 4 hours ago
Oct 02 Black-On-Black Self Defense Case: 64 Year Old Acquitted For Refusing To Be Beaten, Kicked To Death By "Unarmed" 33 Year Old 5 hours ago

Ramzpaul 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @ramzpaul: As the Biden crime wave engulfs the nation, a man was fatally stabbed in the neck while riding the subway in New York City on Friday night, according to police. 4 hours ago


Oct 02 The “Perfect Storm Has Arrived”: Famine, War, Chaos, and A Cold Dark Winter 5 hours ago

Feral Irishman 🇮🇪

Oct 02 Some Memes To Be Dumped and Shared.. 5 hours ago
Oct 02 Nordstream , A Very Good, Objective, Analysis.... Updated 8 hours ago
Oct 02 More on the execution of a Tupelo, MS store clerk and the legality of defending oneself with a firearm 22 hours ago

American Digest

Oct 02 Noted in Passing: Stolen Meat for Sale on the Streets of San Francisco 5 hours ago
Oct 02 Attack of the Food Eroder — or — “The Ninja Nibbler of the Night” 8 hours ago

To Reclaim Normality

Oct 02 Yes, It’s Obvious That America Is Under Divine Judgment 5 hours ago

Eugyppius 💉

Oct 02 Germany Spends 2.5 Billion Euros on 100 Million Bivalent Boosters Only To Discover That Nobody Wants Them 6 hours ago

El Gato Malo: Bad Cattitude 💉😼

Oct 02 sunday memepool: a study in contrasts 6 hours ago
Oct 02 sunday memepool: all cats edition 10 hours ago

Zelman Partisans 💥

Oct 02 If This Was America… 7 hours ago

Climate Depot ❄️

Oct 02 UN Declares: ‘We own the science’ & ‘the world should know it’ so ‘we partnered with Google’ to ensure only UN climate results appear 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Greta Thunberg replaced by a puppet – Literally a puppet called Little Amal 9 hours ago

Conservative Headlines

Oct 02 Race Realism 7 hours ago

Didactic Mind

Oct 02 Sunday Scripture: The Prophets of Baal Defeated 8 hours ago

Occidental Observer

Oct 02 Child-Mutilation is a Happy Day: Three Jovial Jewish activists Promote the Poison of Translunacy 8 hours ago

Steve Sailer 🕊️ 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @Steve_Sailer: So when a “bad” thing happens anywhere in the universe, you can’t just observe that the bad thing happened and assess the causes/ramifications without drafting works of fiction involving the thing? No one actually reasons like this ex 8 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @Steve_Sailer: When you engage, in a judgemental way, with historical decisions you are already engaging with what you call "counter-factuals" It's really frustrating you don't see that! 9 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @Steve_Sailer: You want to criticize FDR's decisions without considering what would have been the consequences of your decisions if you'd been in FDR's shoes. That actually shows impressive self-awareness that you would have screwed up the world e 9 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @Steve_Sailer: As @Chris_arnade notes, "speculative counterfactual history" is the essence of statesmanship. You say, "FDR did A: X bad things happened." I say, "But if you'd been Pres & done B, then 2X bad things would have happened." You say, "I 9 hours ago

mRNA architect: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

Oct 02 Sunday Strip: The Clown Car 9 hours ago

Summit News

Oct 02 Pfizer CEO Bails On EU Testimony After Report Highlights ‘Secretive’ Vaccine Deal 9 hours ago
Oct 02 The Growing Global Reliance On Antidepressants 9 hours ago

The Wanderer Press ✝️

Oct 02 A World Without Humor 10 hours ago
Oct 02 “Green Parking!” 10 hours ago

J.L. Curtis: Nobody Asked Me

Oct 02 YGTBSM!!! 11 hours ago

Catacomb Resident Blog ✝️

Oct 02 When It's Real 11 hours ago

Dr. Bruce Charlton: Charlton's Notions ✝️

Oct 02 Primary Thinking is experienced somewhat like remembering 11 hours ago

Hanne Nabintu Herland: The Herland Report 🇳🇴

Oct 02 Welfare and Feminism Destroyed the American Family 12 hours ago

Francis Berger ✝️

Oct 02 Sometimes Optics is All You Need 14 hours ago

Just the News

Oct 02 Coast Guard hero thanked by Biden for Ian response says he's facing discharge over COVID mandate 15 hours ago
Oct 02 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer dies at 74 15 hours ago
Oct 02 FBI draft letter firing anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok: 'Sustained pattern of bad judgment' 15 hours ago
Oct 02 Ex-CIA director Petraeus says Ukraine war looks 'very dire' for Putin 15 hours ago

News With Views

Oct 02 Unexpected Opportunities 15 hours ago
Oct 02 Democrats Pushing For Right To Cheat In 2022, Part 2 16 hours ago
Oct 02 Danger And Courage 18 hours ago

Conservative Treehouse 🌳

Oct 02 October 2nd – 2022 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 621 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Sunday October 2nd – Open Thread 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Hurricane Ian Recovery Update, Day 3 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Profits Over People, Florida Governor DeSantis Calls Out Lee County Electric Cooperative for Intentionally Delaying Power Restoration, Here is the Backstory 18 hours ago

Vlad Tepes

Oct 02 Reader’s Links for October 2, 2022 17 hours ago
Oct 02 WEF – United Nations Says “We Own The Science” 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Quebecers come out in droves to protest Legault on the news about Pfizer’s ‘consultants’: Links 2, October 1, 2022 19 hours ago

American Greatness

Oct 02 September in the Rage 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Leftist Political Terror Against Republicans Greenlighted by Biden and the Left 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Banned Books Bunkum 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Conservative Voters, the GOP, and the Conservative Media 18 hours ago

Wesley Yang: Year Zero 💰

Oct 02 How to Fix What is Broken in Academia 19 hours ago

The New American

Oct 02 “Inclusive” Skies: Virgin Atlantic Kowtows to “Gender” Ideologues 20 hours ago
Oct 02 Newsom Signs Law Making California “Sanctuary State” for Kids Seeking Sex Changes 21 hours ago
Oct 01 Michigan Mother Sues Local School Board for Violating Her First Amendment Rights 22 hours ago

The Last American Vagabond

Oct 01 Donbass Referendum & The FED Announces ‘Pilot’ Social Credit System As WEF launches ‘Carbon Credits’ 23 hours ago

Curtis Stone: SHTF Farmer 🏷️

Oct 02 [Video] 10 minutes ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future 🇷🇺

Oct 02 Some Business To Be Addressed... 3 hours ago
Oct 02 If You Ever Wondered What... 20 hours ago

Jack Posobiec 🐦

Oct 02 Malcolm Flex comes out dropping TRUTH BOMBS against the media lies about @DougMastriano 23 minutes ago
Oct 02 BOOM 25 minutes ago
Oct 02 Same thing 30 minutes ago
Oct 02 Same fr fr 31 minutes ago

Steve Kirsch: Vaccine Safety Research Foundation 💉

Oct 02 Elevated troponin levels post-vax 33 minutes ago
Oct 02 New paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death 2 hours ago

Ezra Levant: Rebel News 🇨🇦 🐦

Oct 02 RT by @ezralevant: Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: While Cubans suffer, Fidel Castro’s grandson parties on Instagram an hour ago
Oct 02 RT by @ezralevant: The Department of Fisheries and Ocean Canada sent out a tweet, reminding people of their civic duty to starve to death in a natural disaster zone, even if food washes up on the beach in front of them. FULL REPORT by @SheilaGunnReid: ht an hour ago
Oct 02 Justin Trudeau's regime is deeply connected to Iran's dictatorship. 2 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @ezralevant: Toronto now: Designate IRGC as a Terrorist Entity in Canada #MahsaAminin #IranRevolution تورنتو همین الان میدان مل‌لستمن به سوی تقاطع یانگ و استیلز 2 hours ago


Oct 02 This Week in the New Normal #48 2 hours ago

Dyspepsia Generation

Oct 02 Ken Burns Exploits the Holocaust 2 hours ago
Oct 02 College Students Oppose Affirmative Action 2 hours ago
Oct 02 Lawmakers Confront a Rise in Threats and Intimidation, and Fear Worse 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Thought for the Day 9 hours ago

John Waters Unchained

Oct 02 ‘Populists’ and the ‘Tools’ of Totalitarians 2 hours ago

Ferfal: The Modern Survivalist 📺 🌾

Oct 02 👍TMS Live Stream TODAY!- 💥3 PM EST SUNDAY October 2nd 2022 3 hours ago

Elon Musk 🚀 🐦

Oct 02 Do not let ancient grudge break to new mutiny 3 hours ago
Oct 02 RT by @elonmusk: Crew-5, SpaceX, and @NASA completed a full rehearsal of launch day activities 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Image 10 hours ago
Oct 02 Recording of Tesla AI Day 2022 20 hours ago

David Kobler: SouthernPrepper1 📺

Oct 02 Boots on the Ground...Oct. 2nd...There is no getting out of this collapse...It will happen. 3 hours ago

Liberty's Torch

Oct 02 Is it Safe? Part 1 3 hours ago
Oct 02 Learned Soullessness 7 hours ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

Oct 02 Who’s the Racist Here? 4 hours ago
Oct 02 Help Save a Child 9 hours ago
Oct 02 Damage 12 hours ago

Gun Free Zone

Oct 02 Califonia is an evil, Woke, fascist hell-state 4 hours ago
Oct 02 Words Have Meaning: “Good gun owners” == Gun Control 6 hours ago
Oct 02 A lesson on situational awareness at a Jewelry store 8 hours ago
Oct 02 Stuff I was thinking. 10 hours ago

According to Hoyt

Oct 02 Book Promo And Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike 4 hours ago

National File

Oct 02 ‘Ritualistic Child Sexual Abuse’ Investigation Yields Arrest in Utah County 4 hours ago
Oct 02 ‘We Own the Science’: WEF, UN Partner With Big Tech to Crush Researchers, Push Climate Hoax 5 hours ago
Oct 02 New York Votes to Ban the Sale of Non-Electric Vehicles by 2035 6 hours ago
Oct 02 Putin Speaks Out Against Far-Left World Order, Blasts Transgender Mutilation of Kids as ‘Outright Satanism’ 6 hours ago

American Renaissance 🕊️

Oct 02 How Blacks Changed My Small Town 5 hours ago
Oct 02 On America’s English Roots 9 hours ago

Garand Thumb 💥 📺

Oct 02 The Fastest Shotgun in the World 6 hours ago

Dio's Workshop

Oct 02 Well that was a learning experience 5 hours ago
Oct 02 The Goal 10 hours ago

James Lyons-Weiler: Popular Rationalism 💉

Oct 02 The Next Pandemic Will Come from Vietnam, Laos, or Myanmar: A Tale of Spies and Viruses 6 hours ago

Common Sense & Wonder

Oct 02 Where is the American women's rights movement? 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Progressives can only think about groups and not individuals. example 7 hours ago
Oct 02 The vaccine mandate is being used to purge the military of a certain kind go people 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Stacey Abrams election denier 7 hours ago

Xenophilic: The Return

Oct 02 #Pride 7 hours ago
Oct 02 Of course... 17 hours ago
Oct 02 Well that was fun. 18 hours ago

Gilbert Doctorow 🌏

Oct 02 A discussion with Fred Weir on Iran’s Press TV: latest Russian developments 7 hours ago

Auron Macintyre 🐦

Oct 02 R to @AuronMacintyre: Friends were rewarded, enemies were punished The pandemic simply created the casus belli 7 hours ago
Oct 02 The pandemic wasn’t a problem to solve it was an opportunity to consolidate power and test mechanisms of control 7 hours ago
Oct 02 R to @AuronMacintyre: If you are losing the frame game before you even win an election I don’t feel great about your chances in office People know these attacks are coming and should have better answers chambered 21 hours ago
Oct 02 Ah so the populist and nationalist branch of diversity, equality, and inclusion 21 hours ago

Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute

Oct 02 The 70 Seconds that Shook the World 8 hours ago

Martin Geddes: Future of Communications

Oct 02 The devil has high maintenance fees 8 hours ago

InRangeTV 📺 💥

Oct 02 Whiskey Two-Four Plate Carrier 24 9 hours ago

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Oct 02 The Grand Inquisitor: How Dostoyevsky Predicted The Bolshevik Revolution & The 4th Industrial Revolution 9 hours ago
Oct 02 The Pfizer Effect: Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying due to COVID Vaccination every week according to official Government data 9 hours ago
Oct 02 JUST IN - mRNA spike protein detected in the brain and heart in deceased man, a case report published in the top journal "Vaccines" shows. 17 hours ago

Padraig Martin 🎣 🐸

Oct 02 1970s FloridaMy latest article on Identity Dixie remembers the Florida within which I was raised and the grandma who raised me."For my part, I would s... 10 hours ago

Mundabor ✝️

Oct 02 Improvements. 10 hours ago

Maggies Farm

Oct 02 From today's Lectionary 11 hours ago

John Helmer: Reporting from Moscow 🇷🇺


Ann Barnhardt ✝️

Oct 02 Today is the Feast of YOUR Guardian Angel! 12 hours ago

The Forty-Five

Oct 02 Baptism 13 hours ago

Jim of Jim's Blog 👑 🐸

Oct 02 @ChristPatriot> God is not going to "bless you with a virgin Proverbs 31" mate unless you are completely deserving of oneLove is war, men must do what... 14 hours ago
Oct 02 Men care about virginity, women care about preselection.The more women you bang, the better your chances of keeping a keeper.If you hit on a good girl... 16 hours ago

The Exposé UK 💉

Oct 02 While you “Stayed at Home to Protect the NHS”, your Government killed the Elderly & Vulnerable, then lied by telling you they were COVID Deaths; & Documents prove it was years in the planning 15 hours ago
Oct 02 Over 23,000 Children have died across Europe since the EMA first approved the Covid-19 Vaccine for Children according to official data 15 hours ago
Oct 02 The Pfizer Effect: Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying due to COVID Vaccination every week according to official Government data 16 hours ago

XYZ Australia 🇦🇺

Oct 02 Virgin Airlines mocked by Chad Internet for Cringe Advertisement 16 hours ago

The Intrepid Reporter: Big Country Expat ⚔️

Oct 02 No Words... 17 hours ago
Oct 01 Lucky Doesn't Cover It 22 hours ago

Gates of Vienna 🏰 👽

Oct 02 Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/1/2022 18 hours ago
Oct 02 Giorgia on my Mind 18 hours ago
Oct 01 The Day Women Burn Their Uniforms en Masse, Islam Collapses 22 hours ago

75 Million Pissed Off Patriots

Oct 02 19 hours ago

A.D. Publishing ➡️ 🐸

Oct 02 Again, losers are full of excuses. Hitler made the fatal, stupid, arrogant mistake of attacking new enemies before his old enemies were finished off. ... 20 hours ago

Larry Johnson: A Son of the New American Revolution

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