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You Will Shoot Your Eye Out 💥

Jan 27 36 New Guns Announced Today at Shot Show 2023: Canik, S&W, Bergara, Beretta, Browning, and More! 8 minutes ago
Jan 27 Lee Enfield No.4 vs No.5 accuracy comparison at 100 yards – Jungle Carbine wandering zero a fact? 4 hours ago
Jan 27 A Smith & Wesson S&W Model 610-3 12463 10mm 4″ DA/SA Revolver 6 hours ago
Jan 26 My dad rescued this shotgun from a pile of captured Nazi weapons that were supposed to be destroyed 7 hours ago

Xenophilic: The Return

Jan 27 Phrisky Phriday Man! 26 minutes ago
Jan 27 Everyone's a conspiracy theorist these days. Wonder why. 4 hours ago
Jan 27 If only they didn't have a deck full of wild cards (The Media). 4 hours ago
Jan 26 D.C.'s very own Super Douche. Now with even scarier hyperbolic Fecal matter! 11 hours ago

Conservative Treehouse 🌳

Jan 27 January 27th – 2023 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 738 an hour ago
Jan 27 Friday January 27th – Open Thread an hour ago
Jan 27 Tucker Carlson Discusses Pfizer Effort to Recreate Modified COVID Viruses Under Term “Directed Evolution” 2 hours ago
Jan 26 On Eve of RNC Election, Ron DeSantis Predictably Endorses Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chair 7 hours ago

Shane Schaetzel: Complete Christianity ✝️ 🐸

Jan 27 Schism in the Catholic Church simply cannot be avoided. It is inevitable now. The only questions that remain are: how large will be be? And what form ... 2 hours ago
Jan 26 If you live in a county of a Pro-Abortion Secular state, that is close to a neighboring Pro-Life Christian state, start flying the flag of that state ... 8 hours ago
Jan 26 The dark green states are solidly Pro-Life. This is the foundation of Christian America. The medium to light green states have potential and we need t... 8 hours ago
Jan 26 It's about freaking time. So it appears my Senator from Missouri is the only one in Congress with enough courage to push for it.https://www.zerohedge.... 8 hours ago

Straight Line Logic

Jan 27 Having Maxed Out Taxes On California Residents, Newsom Proposes New Tax On Florida Residents 2 hours ago
Jan 27 The Most Egregious Mistake, by Alastair Crooke 2 hours ago
Jan 27 the AI wars have already begun, by el gato malo 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Japan Reenlists as Washington’s Spear-Carrier, by Patrick Lawrence 3 hours ago

Day By Day 😂

Jan 27 Minutemen. 3 hours ago

Andrei Martyanov: Reminiscence of the Future 🇷🇺

Jan 27 Larry Beat Me To It... 3 hours ago
Jan 26 The Difference. 11 hours ago

Idaho Tribune 🗻 🐦

Jan 27 RT by @IdahoTribune: it's time for Idaho to fund students, not systems. 3 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @IdahoTribune: Why is Judge Randall Grove, an appointee of @GovernorLittle, soft on human trafficking? 11 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @IdahoTribune: .@KootenaiSheriff Bob Norris makes a good point in a statement he released yesterday saying: "Occurred in Idaho, NOT Oregon, Not Washington, Not California! [...] Prosecutor sought 5 years prison but dirt bag was released by judge aft 11 hours ago
Jan 26 Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue released a statement on the early release of Brian Sangjoon Lee, a convicted kidnapper who abducted an 11 year old Idaho Girl and took her to a hotel. 11 hours ago

Patriactionary: Old Strong Religion ✝️

Jan 27 Revealing; C of E apparently would barely survive without Alphabetis… 3 hours ago
Jan 26 I dunno, put on headphones and walk in front of… 10 hours ago
Jan 26 “We are fighting a war against Russia” – German official 13 hours ago
Jan 26 All servants of GAE / Deep State must toe the party line 13 hours ago

Commander Zero

Jan 27 Bass stacatto 4 hours ago

Red Ice TV 📺

Jan 27 ‘Ethnic Germans Are Dying Out And Migrants Will Inherit Germany’ 4 hours ago
Jan 27 Are Black People Cooler Than White People? 5 hours ago

Feral Irishman 🇮🇪

Jan 27 Directed Evolution..... 5 hours ago
Jan 27 When You're Over Seventy... 6 hours ago

Pandemic War Room

Jan 27 James O’Keefe Reveals Massive Expose Of Pfizer’s Secret Gain-Of-Function Research 5 hours ago
Jan 27 Matt Braynard: The RNC Let Down Candidates, Focused On Profit Motives Over Election Results 5 hours ago
Jan 26 Episode 2472: The Coverups Of J6 9 hours ago
Jan 26 Episode 2471: Undercover Footage Reveals Lies Of Big Pharma 9 hours ago

Jesse Kelly 🐦

Jan 27 Imagine surviving the death camps only to be taken down the fact you like to wrestle heavyweight. 5 hours ago
Jan 27 Yes, world leaders have historically refused to throw their countries devastating wars they can’t win. Don’t bank on Putin’s “logic”. Don’t bank on anyone’s logic. 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Democrats: “Every single person must think alike.” Libertarians: “No two people should ever think alike.” Republicans: “I don’t really care. Please just don’t yell at me.” 7 hours ago
Jan 26 One of the most naive lines I see from people about the Russia/Ukraine disaster is “We can’t let Russia’s nukes determine what we do!”. Um, what? A country possessing the firepower to destroy all life on earth is something that kinda needs to be taken in 9 hours ago

American Partisan 🇺🇸

Jan 27 9 Holes Reviews – “Dragunov” Sniper Rifles (we have at home) – 🇷🇴 Romanian PSL 🇷🇸 Yugo M76 🇮🇶 Iraqi Tabuk Sniper 5 hours ago
Jan 26 “On our own Shores” by Mike VonSteuben 10 hours ago
Jan 26 Analysis: Stakes rise as Iran can fuel ‘several’ atom bombs 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Tucker Carlson: Jeffrey Epstein – Time for Answers 18 hours ago

National Conservative

Jan 27 10 Senators, 66 Reps call on Biden to RELAX border security 6 hours ago
Jan 26 Illegal alien stabs nine people on German train, two killed 9 hours ago
Jan 26 Macon, GA sets new all time homicide rate record in 2022 11 hours ago
Jan 26 Thugs, arrested for murderous rampage, released in two days 12 hours ago

Courageous Discourse: Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., MPH 💉

Jan 27 California Lawmakers Can't Write Proper Sentences 6 hours ago
Jan 26 Debate About Purported Pfizer Exec's Identity 15 hours ago
Jan 26 Catastrophic COVID-19 Vaccine Casualties in 2021 20 hours ago

The Burning Platform

Jan 27 Why Tickets Cost What They Do 6 hours ago
Jan 27 PFIZER GONE WILD 7 hours ago
Jan 27 The “Great Reset” and the Future of Money… Here’s What You Need To Know 7 hours ago
Jan 27 Modeling Gone Bad. 7 hours ago

Matt Bracken 🐸

Jan 27 Untitled 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Untitled 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Untitled 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Cardiologist Calling on FAA to Recognize Spike Protein-Induced Heart Damage in Pilots 7 hours ago

The New American

Jan 27 Indiana Lawmakers Move to Protect Parental Rights & Children 7 hours ago
Jan 27 Are YOU an “Enemy of the State”? | Beyond the Cover 7 hours ago
Jan 26 Speaker McCarthy Selects Members for Committee to Probe “Weaponization of the Federal Government” 7 hours ago
Jan 26 Chinese Students Pledge Loyalty to CCP Before Heading Overseas to Study 8 hours ago

Glenn Greenwald 🖊 ️ 🐦

Jan 26 R to @ggreenwald: We'll also consider the admittedly unsettling question Schiff himself has repeatedly raised: How can the US possibly stay safe without Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee? And will he at least call @mkraju regularly, even though 7 hours ago
Jan 26 Starting LIVE in 3 minutes.... That Adam Schiff is Congress' worst pathological liar and authoritarian is not controversial. But when one compiles his worst lies and abuses, his damage is staggering. Plus: @matthewstoller on the new DOJ v. Google suit: 7 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @ggreenwald: The petulant whining Schiff has been doing since being booted off the House Intelligence Committee is as embarrassing as it is hilarious. He really believes we can't stay safe without his serial lying and leaking. Plus: @matthewstoller 8 hours ago
Jan 26 Tonight on @SystemUpdate_ , live at 7 pm ET: Adam Schiff is easily the worst pathological liar, and the most extreme authoritarian, in all of Congress. Showing all the evidence would require a multi-year series but we'll look at the key instances: https: 8 hours ago

XYZ Australia 🇦🇺

Jan 26 Australia Day Counter-Counter Protest: Happy Invasion Day, We Won 7 hours ago
Jan 26 The Mainstream Media admits that we are facing “the worst food crisis in history” 12 hours ago

Metallic Man ⚙️

Jan 26 You will need to be calm and accepting of your new reality 8 hours ago

Matt Walsh 🥒 🐦

Jan 26 RT by @MattWalshBlog: SHOCKING: @Pfizer Director Physically Assaults @JamesOKeefeIII & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS! “I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to l 8 hours ago
Jan 26 I think I speak for all Americans when I say that we will not rest until WNBA players are able to take private jets to their games that nobody watches. This is a cause I will give my life for. Nothing matters more to me or indeed to the entire nation. 9 hours ago
Jan 26 RT by @MattWalshBlog: I would go back 12 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @MattWalshBlog: 12 hours ago

Middle of the Right

Jan 26 Well, at least they aren’t crying ‘Racist Cops” this time…. 9 hours ago

David Hardy: Of Arms & The Law 💥 ⚖

Jan 26 NRA directors' election 2023 9 hours ago

Von Steuben Training 💥

Jan 26 On our own Shores 10 hours ago

Meryl Nass, M.D. 💉

Jan 26 FDA's advisory cttee meeting Jan 26, 2023 on what the next boosters might be 10 hours ago
Jan 26 Fox and Friends interviewed me and Michael Kane this am 14 hours ago

Practical Eschatology

Jan 26 For My LDS Readers: The Poison Within Deseret Book 11 hours ago
Jan 26 Meme of the Day: The Why Of Mass Immigration 11 hours ago
Jan 26 VIDEO: Treating Arrow Wounds In Medieval Europe 12 hours ago
Jan 26 New Bombs & Bants (Streamed Jan. 25, 2023) 13 hours ago

Chris Bray: Tell Me How This Ends

Jan 26 You'll Feel Better After the Truck Hits You 11 hours ago

Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute

Jan 26 CIA Agent Cloaks Lockdown Propaganda in Concern for China 11 hours ago
Jan 26 The West Must Never Again Go Totalitarian 15 hours ago
Jan 26 The Impending US ICD Vaccine Passport and Its Unconstitutionality 17 hours ago

Welcome to Western Globohomo Inc.

Jan 26 Project Veritas 12 hours ago

Jan 26 "Why the Lab Leak Theory Is Almost Certainly False", by Ron Unz 12 hours ago

The Reload 💥

Jan 26 ATF Says Imported Braced-Guns Can be Registered, Rule to be Published Next Week 13 hours ago

The Space Worm 🪱

Jan 26 The Absurdity of Elon Musk’s Fraud Trail 13 hours ago

National File

Jan 26 Exclusive: Epstein-tied Influence Group Brokers Relationships Between GOP Congressmen, CCP 13 hours ago
Jan 26 Vermont Supreme Court Upholds Noncitizen Voting 14 hours ago
Jan 26 Federal Judge Blocks California’s ‘Misinformation’ Bill 15 hours ago
Jan 26 Damar Hamlin BLOCKS Stew Peters on Twitter After Peters Questions NFL, Media Narrative of Collapse 19 hours ago

Mansfield Energy: Market News 🚚

Jan 26 Natural Gas News – January 26, 2023 13 hours ago
Jan 26 Only 10 Days Remain for Europe to Replace Russian Diesel Exports 16 hours ago
Jan 26 What is it – Fuel Truck 16 hours ago

Laughing Wolf 🐺

Jan 26 Short SITREP 14 hours ago


Jan 26 360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans 15 hours ago

Andrei Raevsky: The Saker 🇷🇺

Jan 26 7549 and Counting 15 hours ago
Jan 26 Douglas Macgregor – A Huge Offensive 15 hours ago
Jan 26 The Sect 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Can You Smell What the Year of the Rabbit Is Cooking? 16 hours ago

Council for the National Interest

Jan 26 The Relentless Punishment of Critics of Israel 15 hours ago

Personal Defense World 💥

Jan 26 The Beretta 80X Cheetah: Rounds Downrange Before SHOT Show 2023 15 hours ago

Stonetoss 🙂

Jan 26 Rick and Court-y 16 hours ago

Charles Haywood: The Worthy House ➡️

Jan 26 My Appearance on “Tucker Carlson Today”: Full Version 16 hours ago

Joe Huffman: View from North Central Idaho 🗻

Jan 26 Quote of the day—Hannah Cox 17 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊️ ➡️

Jan 26 The Unreality System 17 hours ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

Jan 26 If the Test Were Valid… 17 hours ago
Jan 26 Changes are Coming 20 hours ago

Severian's Founding Questions: Lighting Up the Endarkenment ➡️ 🏺

Jan 26 Random Bits of Brandonology 17 hours ago

How To With Yuri Bezmenov 😐

Jan 26 How To Homeschool your Kids 18 hours ago

Mundabor ✝️

Jan 26 Francis, The Homos, And The Strawman 18 hours ago

My Daily Kona

Jan 26 Russia using "NonApproved" parts on their commercial fleet. 18 hours ago

Conservative Headlines

Jan 26 Reinterpreting “Gone with the Wind” 19 hours ago

Karl Denninger's Market Ticker 📈

Jan 26 The Market Ticker - Cancelled - Veritas' Claimed Bombshell 19 hours ago

Martin van Creveld

Jan 26 How Much is Enough? 19 hours ago

J.L. Curtis: Nobody Asked Me

Jan 26 Book promo… 20 hours ago

Viking Life 𓄋

Jan 26 The Evolution of the Degenerates, Cultural Marxists, Woke, SJWs, etc.. 20 hours ago
Jan 26 2 Antifa indicted for targeting pro-life pregnancy center in Florida ‘Jane’s Revenge’ attack 21 hours ago
Jan 26 Roman Polanski 21 hours ago
Jan 26 Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign: Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations As People Suffered 21 hours ago

Dr. Bruce Charlton: Charlton's Notions ✝️

Jan 26 Why do most people respond so willingly and cheerfully to "scare tactics, emotional blackmail, shifting goal posts and gaslightning"? 23 hours ago

Dr. Vernon Coleman 💉 🇬🇧

Jan 26 What went wrong with the NHS 22 hours ago
Jan 26 AIDS – The True Story 22 hours ago

Moon of Alabama 🌙

Jan 26 Ukraine Open Thread 2023-22 22 hours ago
Jan 26 Spain Debunks Russiagate like New York Times Letter Bomb Story 22 hours ago


Jan 26 My Hispanic Side 23 hours ago

Ed West: Wrong Side of History🏺

Jan 26 Stalin and the birth of British values 23 hours ago

The Exposé UK 💉

Jan 27 BREAKING: Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020 15 minutes ago
Jan 26 BREAKING: Study finds COVID Vaccines have killed 1 in every 874 Americans 18 hours ago

Stilton's Place

Jan 27 Hapless Anniversary 44 minutes ago

Vlad Tepes

Jan 27 Reader’s Links for January 27th, 2023 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Canadian media launches assault on “misinformation” to combat “vaccine hesitancy” and more: Links 2, January 26th, 2023 5 hours ago
Jan 27 Pfizer ‘Directed evolution’ guy: Project Veritas’ standard confrontation video goes a little off the rails 7 hours ago
Jan 26 CTV tries new tack, response to Veritas’ reveal on Pfizer, Islamic terror all over the place: Links 1, January 26th, 2023 13 hours ago

Tucker Carlson

Jan 27 I don’t want any pedophiles to get special treatment: Stefani Lord 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Chicago Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson slams Lightfoot ahead of election 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Woman reportedly fired for following ‘transphobic’ Twitter accounts speaks out 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Tucker: This is a remarkable deal for drug companies 2 hours ago

Andy Ngo 🐦

Jan 27 .@TheQuartering has been locked out of Twitter after tweeting a screenshot of an activist from an old music video. The reason given by @TwitterSafety is private/intimate media. I saw the still & it looks like fair use. This appears to be a wrongful applic 2 hours ago
Jan 27 .@marisapk, an advisor and response manager for @staceyabrams's nonprofit, has defended the domestic terrorism suspects accused of destroying & setting part of downtown Atlanta on fire. She says property destruction is not violence. #Antifa 3 hours ago
Jan 27 R to @MrAndyNgo: Francis Carroll (b. 5-9-00) came from Kennebunkport, ME, to allegedly commit domestic terrorist acts in Atlanta. After being bailed out for domestic terrorism last month, he allegedly carried out another terror attack. He's been denied b 3 hours ago
Jan 27 This could be the plot of a film: an alleged lab virus manipulation conspiracy is uncovered by a group of journalists through a gay honey pot in Brooklyn. 3 hours ago

Manhattan Contrarian

Jan 27 Some Suggestions For Christopher Rufo And Company To Fix New College Of Florida 3 hours ago

Kevin MacDonald 🕊️ 🐦

Jan 27 R to @TOOEdit:… 3 hours ago
Jan 27 The phrase "Trust the science" has a hollow ring these days. 3 hours ago
Jan 26 RT by @TOOEdit: "DATING APPS ARE AN ANTI-WHITE EUGENICS PROGRAM" This is one of the most important videos I've ever done. Please watch and share! 8 hours ago
Jan 26 "Having miraculously decided he is now a she AFTER committing sexual assaults on two women in 2016 and 2019, he duped the Scottish legal system and SNP leaders to the extent where he was sent to the all-female Cornton Vale jail in Stirling." 11 hours ago

Robert Stacy McCain

Jan 27 In The Mailbox: 01.26.23 3 hours ago
Jan 27 SMOKING GUN: Did Hunter Biden Use Classified Documents for Foreign $$$$? 6 hours ago

Curtis Stone: SHTF Farmer 🏷️

Jan 27 [Media] A very powerful testimony from Astrid Stuckelburger. 3 hours ago

Steve Sailer 🕊️ 🐦

Jan 27 Why are conservatives always waging culture war? Don't they know the war is over and they lost? 4 hours ago
Jan 27 Strangely, almost nobody used the term "elites" in the 20th Century. First time I heard anybody complaining about "elites" was in a conference speech in 1999 by a former head of the U.S. National Security Administration with a former U.K. prime minister i 4 hours ago
Jan 27 R to @Steve_Sailer: In first half of 2022 vs. same period in 2019, traffic fatalities and homicide victimizations were up 24% / 36% for blacks, 33% / 47% for Hispanics, and 8% / 8% for whites. 5 hours ago
Jan 27 Why did traffic fatalities soar along with homicides in 2020? Mainly, George Floyd-driven depolicing. The AAA found deaths were up only 0.5 percent in 2020 among drivers with valid licenses, while they soared 45 percent for those without valid licenses: 5 hours ago

WRSA: Western Rifle Shooters Association 🤡

Jan 27 MacGregor: This Time It’s Different 4 hours ago
Jan 26 Other People Want FUSA & Its Resources (But Not Its Residents) 8 hours ago
Jan 26 GVDL Update 13 hours ago
Jan 26 Yon Sends: Darien Gap Update 15 hours ago

Catholic Family News ✝️

Jan 27 Weekly News Roundup: RIP George Neumayr, New Francis Interview, Benedict XVI’s Posthumous Book 5 hours ago

Raconteur Report

Jan 27 Huh. 5 hours ago

Max Denken: Camp of the Sane 🔚 🐸

Jan 27 If you parse it by race/ethnicity you will reach a truer conclusion than just "Senators" and "Reps." Other than the few white lunatics on that list th... 5 hours ago
Jan 26 It looks llke U.S., UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal etc. are sending at least 105 tanks to Ukraine. I wonder to what end other than benefiting fr... 8 hours ago
Jan 26 The overlords find ways to cope with the social/economic disasters their greed and stupidity have unleashed on our societies. This armor & sword are g... 13 hours ago


Jan 27 Checking into Hotel USSR 5 hours ago
Jan 27 Inexpressibly sad 6 hours ago
Jan 27 And now for something completely different! 6 hours ago
Jan 27 A coup, if you like 7 hours ago

The Z Man 🕊 ️ 🐸

Jan 27 That used to be my go-to move back in the day. "I'm sorry I am late, but I was busy working on a deadly pathogen." 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Anton has no math or science, so most of what I wrote went over his head. 6 hours ago
Jan 27 O'Keefe is the new Chris Hansen 6 hours ago
Jan 27 Anton lacks confidence in his arguments, which is why he needs a thousand words to make a fifty word point. It is also why he salts his post with famo... 6 hours ago

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Jan 27 PSYOP-UFO?: BREAKING: Earth just received a radio signal sent from a galaxy that is 9 billion light years away 6 hours ago
Jan 26 SHOCKING: Pfizer Director Physically Assaults James O'Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS! 8 hours ago
Jan 26 DEVELOPING: Did Project Veritas Get Played? 16 hours ago
Jan 26 "Directed Evolution" is Directed Depopulation: Pfizer's Sociopath R&D Executive Admits In-house Gain of Function of Lab Made Covid-19 Is "Cash Cow" for Company 17 hours ago

Big Serge ☦️ 🇷🇺 🐦

Jan 27 There’s something uncanny about a state social media account posting cringey memes about bumming free tanks off other countries. It’s like a teenager trying to show off in his dad’s car. We all know you aren’t a man, and you aren’t even mature enough to b 6 hours ago
Jan 26 I saw "Hindenburg" trending and thought maybe people were discussing the Field Marshal's mishandling of the war in 1917-18, but it's just some dumb investment research firm arguing over short selling. Lame! 8 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @witte_sergei: Knock knock 9 hours ago
Jan 26 Ugledar could be mostly wrapped up in the next 24 hours. Between this and the Ukrainian collapse in Marinka, their entire front in southeastern Donetsk is bleeding. 9 hours ago

Information Liberation

Jan 27 'Let Everybody Pour In!': Louis CK Says U.S. Needs Open Borders as Punishment For Oppressing The Third World 6 hours ago
Jan 26 'Golden Demon' Statue Placed Atop New York Courthouse to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Abortion 12 hours ago

Wilson Combat 📺 💥

Jan 27 Ultralight Hunter: New From Wilson Combat #Shorts 7 hours ago

Political Reactionary 🇭🇷

Jan 26 Cancel Culture is Euphemism for Genocide 7 hours ago
Jan 26 Balkanization is Coming 13 hours ago

Jordan Schachtel: The Dossier 💉

Jan 26 Feds prosecute Utah doctor who dumped out mRNA shots and worked with parents to free kids from vax mandates 7 hours ago

American Renaissance 🕊️

Jan 26 The Rise and Decline of Anglo-Australia 8 hours ago
Jan 26 ‘Mind-Blowing’ Illegal Immigration Under Biden Approaching 1% of Total U.S. Population 8 hours ago
Jan 26 Poll: Biden’s Approval on Immigration Drops to New Low 8 hours ago
Jan 26 Republicans Run Risk of Losing Latino Voter Gains By Targeting Asylum 8 hours ago

Pedro Gonzalez: Contra

Jan 26 The Elephant and the RNC 8 hours ago

Arthur Sido: Dissident Thoughts ➡️️

Jan 26 I Am Sure This Is Somehow My Fault 9 hours ago
Jan 26 In Other News 14 hours ago
Jan 26 What Else Could It Be? 15 hours ago

Steve Kirsch: Vaccine Safety Research Foundation 💉

Jan 26 TODAY: Dr. Robert Malone at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on the VSRF Weekly Update 9 hours ago
Jan 26 An open offer to Damar Hamlin: A free second opinion? 12 hours ago
Jan 26 The death records show the COVID vaccines are shortening lifespan worldwide 12 hours ago

Non Veni Pacem: The Splendor of Truth ✝️

Jan 26 What could be causing huge spike in excess non-covid deaths in the UK… now at 3000 excess deaths PER WEEK 10 hours ago

Padraig Martin 🎣 🐸

Jan 26 Our global "elites" are effectively neo-Malthusians. They believe that populations must be controlled in order to enjoy sustainable resources. Given t... 11 hours ago
Jan 26 About Covid Vaccines: Avoiding the VaxI am not against vaccines in general. I have had them in the past - a requirement as both a Marine and later, a ... 17 hours ago
Jan 26 My latest article for Identity Dixie is up, describing my country - Florida:"My Florida is not a wasteland of urban cesspools comprised of degenerate ... 17 hours ago

Idaho Dispatch 🗻

Jan 26 Op-Ed: Lip Service To Liberty 11 hours ago

The David Knight Show 🎧

Jan 26 26Jan23 David Knight Show 11 hours ago

Vox Day: Vox Popoli 😈

Jan 26 Secret Stalker Society 11 hours ago
Jan 26 We Explained. You Didn’t Listen 14 hours ago
Jan 26 War Plan Zero 18 hours ago
Jan 26 The Sacrifice of the Slavs 19 hours ago

Warrior Poet Society 📺

Jan 26 Rifle Student DIES in class (& how we brought him back) 12 hours ago

Crisis Magazine ✝️

Jan 26 The Great Pat Buchanan Signs Off 12 hours ago
Jan 26 The Covid Narrative Tide is Turning 21 hours ago
Jan 26 The Left and the Co-opting of Autism 21 hours ago

Charles Hugh Smith: Of Two Minds

Jan 26 The Race to the Bottom Accelerates 13 hours ago

Harrison Koehli: Political Ponerology 🥜

Jan 26 The Meaning of the Bug Hunt 13 hours ago

Ramzpaul 🕊️ 🐦

Jan 26 Power still out at my home. Will stream on Friday! 13 hours ago

75 Million Pissed Off Patriots

Jan 26 ChatGPT 14 hours ago

American Digest

Jan 26 The news on Gerard so far 14 hours ago

Summit News

Jan 26 They Buried It 15 hours ago
Jan 26 Video: Immigration Reform Head Says “Biden Administration Are Co-conspirators With The Drug Cartels” 17 hours ago
Jan 26 Video: Rand Paul Warns Overclassification Being Used To Cover Up COVID Lab Leak 17 hours ago
Jan 26 Wisconsin Parents Outraged After Finding ‘Queer’ Porn In Children’s School Library 18 hours ago

Liberty's Torch

Jan 26 Leftist Rules for an Unruly Culture 15 hours ago

Judicial Watch ⚖

Jan 26 Salvadoran Gang Member Charged with Murder Entered U.S. as Unaccompanied Minor 15 hours ago

Wintery Knight ✝️

Jan 26 Big wins for conservatives in Florida: education policy and right to life 16 hours ago

Climate Depot ❄️

Jan 26 The Great Food Reset: ‘Lab-grown meat’ harvested in ‘massive steel vats’ edges closer to fed approval & U.S. dinner plates – As EU approves human consumption of worms & crickets 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Watch: Morano on OAN TV on Great Food Reset – U.S. soon to be eating ‘lab-grown meat’ 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Watch: Climate King John Kerry fails to dodge questions about his private jet hypocrisy – Kerry now claims ‘I fly commercial exclusively’ 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Watch: Morano on Rebel News talking Davos: The ‘elites’ know corporate media is on their side – ‘They don’t think the government would lie about COVID, or terrorism or climate?!’ 17 hours ago

Ius & Iustitium ✝️

Jan 26 The Originalism of Justice Hearn 17 hours ago

Malone Institute: Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. 💉

Jan 26 Well Being: Anti-Obesity Strategies and Memory 17 hours ago

Gilbert Doctorow 🌏

Jan 26 Russian news from Praslin Island, the Seychelles 17 hours ago

A.H. Trimble ☀️ 🌾

Jan 26 Just be Careful 17 hours ago

Paul Craig Roberts ➡️

Jan 26 Will Putin’s Legacy Be Nuclear Armageddon? 17 hours ago
Jan 26 How many more provocations of Russia will the situation stand? 18 hours ago

Kaisar: The Hidden Dominion ➡️

Jan 26 Born This Way Versus Groomed This Way 18 hours ago

Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans ️🥒

Jan 26 Parent Survey: Has your child identified as trans? 18 hours ago

The Wanderer Press ✝️

Jan 26 Neither Left Nor Right, But Catholic . . . Bold Steps Needed To Address Illegal Immigration 18 hours ago
Jan 26 In Deceptive World Of Politics . . . Are Biden, Hobbs Their Own Sorts Of Potemkin Villages? 18 hours ago
Jan 26 New Book By Ganswein On BXVI 18 hours ago

Michael Smith: Unlicensed Punditry

Jan 26 The American Left is Relentless 19 hours ago

Victor Davis Hanson

Jan 26 The Real Differences Between the Biden and Trump Troves 19 hours ago

Catacomb Resident Blog ✝️

Jan 26 Do Your Homework 20 hours ago

Oz Conservative 🇦🇺

Jan 26 Revisiting Juliet 20 hours ago


Jan 26 Pfizer - Create Viral Epidemic, Then Sell The "Cure" 20 hours ago

The Forty-Five

Jan 26 The Collapse LXXXIX: A Haircut 21 hours ago

War on the Rocks 🪨

Jan 26 Reconsidering Clausewitz on Friction 22 hours ago

Escaping Mass Psychosis 💉 🥜

Jan 26 For Australians who want to maintain Australian sovereignty 22 hours ago

Just the News

Jan 26 Biden administration grants Hong Kong residents in US two-year deportation reprieve 23 hours ago
Jan 26 Three men arrested in connection to rape of LSU student released from jail on bond 23 hours ago
Jan 26 National Archives asks former presidents, vice presidents to check records for classified material 23 hours ago
Jan 26 DeSantis backs Harmeet Dhillon in RNC race 23 hours ago

Bill Whittle 📺

Jan 27 Live Stream with Bill Whittle 4 hours ago
Jan 27 Live Stream with Bill Whittle 4 hours ago

A.D. Publishing ➡️ 🐸

Jan 27 Please give me back the 90s I promise to use them better this time an hour ago
Jan 27 Not loving Blondie is for people of color, those of the Hebraic faith, and the same-sex attracted. 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Mama Cass was one of the great female voices of the 20th century. 2 hours ago
Jan 27 @GrrrGraphics is the R. Crumb of the Dissident Right. 3 hours ago

Gates of Vienna 🏰 👽

Jan 27 Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/26/2023 2 hours ago
Jan 27 “A Measure That Legitimizes Law-Breaking” 2 hours ago
Jan 27 Let Them Eat Chicken Feet 3 hours ago

Prepper Website 🌾

Jan 27 12 Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items – 1/26/23 2 hours ago
Jan 27 15+ Delicious Treats For Ducks That Should Be Fed In Moderation – 1/26/23 2 hours ago
Jan 27 How To Grow A Huge Crop Of Tomatoes – 6 Simple Secrets To Success! – 1/26/23 2 hours ago
Jan 27 The Importance of Being Able to Alter Recipes – 1/26/23 2 hours ago

American Greatness

Jan 27 Capturing the Presidency Without a Vote 3 hours ago
Jan 27 Inside the Nazi Whitewash of Ukraine  3 hours ago
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Jan 27 Michigan Hunter Gets Jail Time for Sabotaging Another Hunter’s Treestand, Causing 20-Foot Fall 4 hours ago

Mars Christianissimus ✝️ 🐸

Jan 27 Any white Christian men interested in immigrating I direct to @nullaindustries . 4 hours ago
Jan 26 He shouldn't have resigned. He should have sued the hell out of the department. Fight. Enough of this 'resigning' shit. The enemy loves that. 17 hours ago

North Carolina Renegade

Jan 27 A Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals The End Of Petro Status 4 hours ago
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Jan 27 While the AusChwitz Museum Reveals Itself as Classless Ingrates, the Biden Administration Doubles Down on Confrontation with Russia 5 hours ago

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Jan 26 The Nuclear War That We Have Been Relentlessly Warned About Is Now Right On Our Doorstep 7 hours ago

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Jan 27 WAR 6 hours ago

Central Europe: Visegrád Group 🐦 🇨🇿🇭🇺🇵🇱

Jan 27 Ukrainian soldiers hunting Iranian suicide drones. 6 hours ago
Jan 26 BREAKING: The Pentagon confirms that the U.S. will send the 31 of the most modern Abrams tank there are, the M1A2 SEPv3. They have much better optics and aiming system than the M1A1s that were previously expected to be sent. 8 hours ago
Jan 26 R to @visegrad24: Nevertheless, tonight’s statements indicate that Sweden is likely to send some of its Stridsvagn 122 tanks to Ukraine. 9 hours ago
Jan 26 CORRECTION: Sweden’s Defense Minister Pål Jonson has NOT issued a statement saying Sweden will send tanks to Ukraine. He stated that Sweden will take part in an international meeting tomorrow on how to deliver tanks to Ukraine He has ordered the milita 9 hours ago

Dyspepsia Generation

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War on Guns 💥

Jan 26 Demand for ‘Commonsense Gun Laws’ is the Road to Citizen Disarmament 8 hours ago
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Auron Macintyre 🐦

Jan 26 Progressives will unquestionably parrot the beliefs of Harvard, Halliburton, the CIA, and the New York Times, then talk about how they speak truth to power 9 hours ago
Jan 26 The latest episode of the podcast w/ @LastThings4 and @giantgio is now available on all major platforms 9 hours ago
Jan 26 If both sides of your democratic system have decided that flooding the nation with immigrants that might be sympathetic to their ideology is preferable to actually engaging in the political process with the current population then it might be time to adm 12 hours ago
Jan 26 Like masks, the vax works as a public badge of loyalty It can be used as a pretext to purge the military of political opponents or pack a jury for the trail of a dissident 12 hours ago

Moonbattery ➡️

Jan 26 We Appear to Be at War With Russia 9 hours ago
Jan 26 Satanic Statue Atop New York City Courthouse 12 hours ago
Jan 26 Shocking Undercover Pfizer Interview 13 hours ago
Jan 26 Alleged Sexual Exploitation at Austin High School 15 hours ago

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Jan 26 Adam Graham’s Brilliant Transgender Prison Scam 23 hours ago

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Jan 26 Federal Court Used MY Arguments to Block Draconian Law AB2098 10 hours ago

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Jan 26 Popular Rationalism Now Has 17K Subscribers! Thank You!!! 11 hours ago
Jan 26 Hidden Camera INFURIATING Confession: Pfizer Scientist Spills 100% of the Beans on Pfizer's "Cash Cow" of COVID-19, Regulatory Capture, In-House Gain-of-Function 17 hours ago

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Jan 26 Defund the UN Movement Rears Up Again in the Republican-Controlled House 13 hours ago
Jan 26 The Empty Promise of ‘Rigorous Security Vetting’ in New Migrant Border-Crossing Program 14 hours ago
Jan 26 ‘CBP One’ App Will Have Real Blood on Its Metaphorical Hands 15 hours ago
Jan 26 Biden’s New Immigration Policies Protect Western Hemisphere Dictators 15 hours ago

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Jan 26 Thank you, everyone 15 hours ago

College Dissident 🎓

Jan 26 TPUSA WHISTLEBLOWER: Charlie Kirk Organization Tells Student Activists To Stop Using Ye Artwork On Campus 15 hours ago

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Jan 26 Chapter 2 - Men and Women are Different 15 hours ago

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Action Idaho 🗻 🐦

Jan 26 Iowa law will allow any family to use taxpayer funds to pay for private school tuition — at a cost of $345 million annually to the state once fully phased in. Now it is Iowa, West Virginia, AZ. Any others? Idaho? #education #idedu 16 hours ago
Jan 26 Id needs independence from the feds. The DOJ is begging Idahoans to inform on neighbors for "hate incidents." They have set up an office in Meridian to process denunciations. See today's feature for the lowdown. #idpol #idleg https://www.actionidaho.or 16 hours ago

CDR Salamander, USN (Ret.) 🌊

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Eva Vlaardingerbroek 🇳🇱 🖊 ️ 🐦

Jan 26 They don’t see us as humans, they see us as lab rats and cash cows. This should be regarded as biological warfare. Lock them all up. 21 hours ago

John Helmer: Reporting from Moscow 🇷🇺


Bionic Mosquito 🦟

Jan 26 Creating Man in Our Own Image… 23 hours ago

Ann Barnhardt ✝️

Jan 26 “Only the person who becomes irate without reason sins. Further, the person who does not become irate when he has cause to be, sins.” 23 hours ago